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dinner with a REAL farmer in Mexico

Does life get much better than this?!

Read about my day on the farm HERE!

Slow Cooked Rabbit Ragout: Logan shot and slaughtered the rabbit on his farm the day before.  I LOVE it. Can you get any closer to hunter and gather days?

Farm Salad: heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and basil with local cheese, balsamic and olive oil

Northern Baja White Wine: Had dinner with the wine makers the night before.

Homemade tequila infused with organic herb

Surfing, Sand and Sun


Jalapeño Cornbread and Chopped Southwest Salad

Hola!  Feeling inspired from a 2 week va-ca in Baja…and out came these A-mazing muffins! This lunch was part of my weekly menu: 5 vegetarian and gluten free meals.  I deliver to clients ever week in SF and you can sign up too, just shoot me an email!

I used cottage cheese and feta to keep the muffins moist and a whole can of chopped peppers also adds moistness (I hate that word).

The Salad may look boring but don’t let the picture fool  you.  The roasted corn adds depth while the cilantro and lime dressing adds a ton of flavor and freshness.  It’s heart healthy deliciousness.


Bob’s Red Mill Corn Bread Mix (here).  I kept it low in fat by substituting the oil for cottage cheese and feta.  About 1 cup total. Add a can of chopped peppers too.  Top with Sliced Jalapeños.  Follow baking instructions.  baked for 15 minutes in muffin tins

Roast corn with olive oil and salt and pepper at 425 for about 15 minutes, rotating twice.  Roast until it’s nice and brown. Let  cool completely before cutting off cob.

Dressing: Zest of 2 limes,  Juice of 2 limes.  1 T honey.  1 garlic clove minced.  1 T rice wine vinegar.  mix well and whisk in olive oil to taste… I used about 2/3 cup. salt and pepper.

The rest is totally up to you. Here is a perfect example of how my cooking is not meant to be technical…. you like avocado, add that.  You don’t like black beans… all good.  Just combine a ton of veggies.  You can not go wrong.  I promise you, anyone can make this salad.



Happy Day 7… To A New You!

We did it!
I hope you are feeling a little healthier and fabulous this Sunday… I know I am.
To sum up the week:

 When you are feeling happy, healthy and fabulous you will thrive in every area of your life! 
You will be a better mom, lover, friend, and your business/career will thrive when you feel great! 
The most beautiful woman in the room is the happiest woman in the room
It is about being content in the moment and appreciating life.  Not taking yourself too seriously.  Surrounding yourself with the people who make you shine, and the people who see you as a star.  Enjoy the sun daily.  Make love and fall in love.
Your body is a temple

Take care of yourself.  Treat your body well and with kindness.  Eat healthy foods, mainly from the earth.  Sleep at least 7 hours a night.  Wear SPF daily, even in the winter.  Relax, breath and practice your A to ZEN list.  Exercise and move your body every day.
When you take care of your appearance you 
feel beautiful and fabulous
When you exercise and eat well you will feel great about yourself.  Not to mention doing the girl things helps with felling beautiful too.  I get my nails done for myself, but because I smile when I look down and see my hands sparkling.  Spend time and $$$ on making yourself feel and look fabulous.  I think it is so funny when people say, “Italian women and French women are so beautiful.”  That’s because they take care of themselves… in a classy, subtle, chic way.
Here’s how, and I did it all this week too:  Put yourself together daily (that means no lulu lemon unless you’re at the gym).  Get your hair professionally done, I’m obsessed with Stephanie at Festoon.  Get your eyebrows done, I love Julie at Lashfully.  Wear your scent, Miss Dior is my current favorite.  Get your nails done, Shelllac is amazing.

Today’s recipes:
Breakfast: Vanessa gave me dates and there’s not much better that a warm baked date.
Lunch: The Miso is too over powering for the salmon. I usually use cod here.  Miso is a great flora-enhancing food.
Dinner: I’m going out to dinner… I gotta put this week’s beautified-ness to use 🙂
So I’ll share a recipe that I recently made for clients and they “absolutely loved“.
And it just so happens to incorporate salmon, detoxifying cabbage,  cancer fighting spices, and lots of citrus (promotes production of bile, which carries toxins out of the body)

Moroccan Oatmeal Baked Dates

Combine oats, almond milk and spices like cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg.  Bring to a simmer.
Stuff dates.  Fill oven proof dish with a little more almond milk.  Cover and bake for 25 minutes at 350.
4 stuffed dates = about 250 cals

Miso Crusted Salmon (cod tastes better) and Bok Choy over Quinoa
Bake in one dish… SO simple

Oil pan.  Cover with a cooked grain.  Combine 1 T miso paste with 2 t brown sugar.  Top the salmon with the paste combo. Add bok choy to the dish.  Top with a little Mirin (if you have it, asian cooking vinegar) or olive oil.  Bake at 400 for 15 minutes.

Salmon Citrus Tacos with Tomato and Orange Salsa
Southwest Butternut Squash 


Happy Day 6… To A New You!

What a beautiful day is SF!
I hope everyone else got to enjoy the sunshine!

After a wonderful afternoon spent in the park with a few of my best friends (since middle school!) I realized I don’t do this nearly enough.
It is so easy to get caught up in our crazy hectic lives and forget to stop, relax, take a “time out” and breeeeeath.

Today’s Tip:
How to find your zen… everyday

And don’t forget to SCROLL DOWN to TODAY’S RECIPES!

A to ZEN
A avoid negative sources, people and places
B believe in yourself and take a deep breath
C candles and bubble baths
D dress up and don’t give up
E eat your veggies and your cake too
F family and friends are treasures
G green food and green practices
H hug more
I inspire
J judge success by your goals accomplished
K keep your head up and carry on
L laugh and have fun
M meditate and make love often, preferably not at the same time 🙂
N never lie, cheat or steal
O open your arms to opportunity
P practice acts of peace
Q quality not quantity
R rest often and sleep regularly
S schedule “relax” time
T take your lunch outside, enjoy fresh air and sun
U understand yourself in order to understand others better
V vitamins
W walk more
X exercise
Y you are wonderful and unique, no one can replace you
Z zzz get lots of sleep

Oatmeal Horchata with Chia Seeds

Another great example of something you can make ahead and just add the almond milk before enjoying.
I just made this up, don’t be technical with the quantities, do what tastes good to you.  You can’t go wrong here. Combine almond milk, vanilla and and almond extract to taste.  Combine 1/4 cup oats, 2 T chia seeds and cinnamon.  Mix wet and dry together. Give it a few minutes to thicken.  I make a batch of this on Sunday (1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup chia) and keep it in the fridge for breakfast pudding all week!

We picked up snacks at a neighborhood store
Veggies and Hummus.  Fruit, manchego and wine
Vanessa made a great spinach salad with chickpeas, tomatoes and kalamatas

Thai Green Curry and Shrimp
5 minutes to a beautiful dinner
Cook shrimp and curry paste for a couple minutes then add almond milk
Bring to a simmer.  Add cabbage, carrots, bok choy and spinach.  Simmer covered for 2 minutes.

Taking my own advice:
After the park I caught the last couple hours of sun on my roof with Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire
Writing this with candles and wine
What tomorrow will look like!
She kept crawling in for our lunch!


Alex is beautiful on the outside and inside!