Meet the Team

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

As a private chef, caterer and all-around gastronomy geek, I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to fall head-over-high-heels in love with food and the art of eating seasonally.

With curated private dinner parties and home-cooked meals delivered to your door, I’ll prove you don’t have to sacrifice your time, sanity, or boatloads of cash to live deliciously!

Jenna: Chef de Cuisine

Jenna is a Los Angeles native. She grew up in a family of teachers who had a passion for cooking, eating, and gardening. She went on to become a 2nd grade teacher, while pursuing cooking as a hobby. After struggling with health issues, she realized the impact that food could have not only on your health, but on your overall well being. She then decided to pursue her passion for cooking healthy and delicious food full time.

Jess: Pâtissière

Jess is the maker behind a lot of our baked treats and goodies! She’s thrives off a measured precisely, 25 step recipe (it takes a certain type of personality) and we thank her for it.

Shareen: Sous Chef

Shareen started working for Claudine during the pandemic in 2020 because Making healthy, locally sourced food for people made her feel connected to the Bay Area community. Shareen has been eating gluten free for 10+ years herself and loves creating new GF recipes for friends and family. When she is not in the kitchen she is either on a nature hike or in a dance studio. Shareen is a freelance dancer and often dances with Kristin Damrow and Company and Jennifer Perfilio Movement Works.




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