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Wellness Wednesdays: Weekly Tips on Living Deliciously Well

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Day 1 of  Wellness Wednesdays!   I’ve started this weekly news letter as a way to share tips, advice  and wisdom on “Living Deliciously Well”.  If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE an alliteration.  So clearly, Wednesday must be the day to share Wellness Wisdom 🙂

Why “wellness” as opposed to “recipe” or “health”?  Because wellness incorporates ALL aspects of living a whole, healthy, happy and mindful life!   And yes, “wisdom” sounds a little hippie dippie or self-salvant of me {I made up that term}, just don’t over think it…it works well with my alliteration obsession 🙂

Day 1 on Living Deliciously Well… drum roll please…


I truly believe happiness is the foundation for overall wellbeing, health and success (in relationships, career, finances, etc).  If you are living a life of resentment, substances and greed, it won’t mater the number of yoga classes you attend and green smoothies you down, you will never reach a level of contentment and true happiness.

And how coincidental that this was my YOGI tea mantra this morning.  So true:

“Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness”

Ben sent me an article today published in the Elite Daily titled, “15 things that emotionally strong people do not do”   And number 15 nailed my happiness philosophy to a T!  Here it is verbatim… I wont even paraphrase, that’s how spot on this is:

They don’t forget that happiness is a decision: Most importantly, the emotionally strong have learned to understand the power their brains have over both the mind and body. They understand that emotions are reactions, not reactions to direct physical causes, but to the way we perceive those causes. In other words, our emotions don’t reflect reality; rather, our emotions reflect the way we interpret reality. Understanding this gives us near-full control of our emotions and, therefore, our lives.”

I read this quote in Oprha on the plane yesterday, and though Iyanla is speaking of LOVE, I believe it applies to happiness as well.

Don’t expect to get all you need from someone else.  Whether we are talking about romantic relationships, deep friendships, or close bonds with family members, love is never codependency, validation, self-worth, self-value, or self-esteem.  It’s an experience that should fill us with joy – not serve as a replacement for loving ourselves.”

Happiness and love begin from within.  You must be happy and content in your life, in your body, and with yourself FIRST and not seek it through external sources (relationships, materialism, food, etc).  Your GLASS must already be FULL before moving into a deep authentic relationship with someone.

I’m writing to you from Baja.  On Halloween, I packed up my entire life, left SF and drove to the very most southern tip of highway 1….you can read about the journey HERE.  Anyway, point being, I thought a life of beach, sun, tacos, organic farming and yoga would be the happiest place on earth.  And as it turns out, even though I accomplished and learned a lot while living here, a slow-paced Mexican beach town, away from my friends and family, is not for me.

Your takeaway from Day 1 of Wellness Wednesdays:



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Ernest Hemingway, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast”

Getting lost in a city… walking alone for hours, discovering neighborhoods, temples, churches, markets, cafes.

Dreaming of the month I lived in Paris today


Heart Healthy Link Love

This weekend came across a few inspiring and helpful articles embracing healthy living.  Including mind, body, nutrition and spirituality.

Mind Body Green:  9 foods that heal your body and belong in every kitchen HERE

Bella Life:  4 steps to creating a life you want to live HERE

TIME Magazine: 100 ideas that changed the world HERE

Feasting At Home:  A guide to seasonal produce HERE

Warriors Playoffs! highlights HERE

Just Do It, video: When you need motivation to sweat HERE

Her Future: Change Yourself, Change the World HERE  as I ask myself, “should I hop on a plan to Baja and help feed the hungry?’

 Happy Mothers Day Weekend!  I swear we do more than eat and drink…

Picnic at China Camp with Comforts Chinese Chicken Salad.  Mom’s favorite dessert from the 60’s: Pineapple and marshmallow Whip (went to 4 stores before finding it…people really still eat this?).  Mindee (my cousin/best friend) and I take our moms (sister) to the Lyon Street Steps for Champagne and A16 for dinner.


Coming at you from Baja – live what you love!

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Living Deliciously Mantra:
Live Life Doing What You Love
Life is too short to not love what you do… and everything in your life.
Love the people in your life.  Love your authentic self.  Love the food that nurtures your soul.  Love your body.  Love your higher being.  Love your freedom to choose.  Love your capabilities.  Love your imperfections. Love your hobbies.  Love the little things that make you happy.
What I love? I live for travel, adventure, being the foreigner, getting lost and making memories with the people I love.  Plus food & wine, of course.
These next 2 weeks will be full of my loves.
Let’s be real though.  Leaving SF for 2 weeks and “stepping away” (at a very exciting time in S&S’s life) has not been easy for me.  Allowing myself to “clock-out”  is something I’ve always struggled with.  I mean, I can’t even enjoy a movie at home without painting my nails, organizing the living room bookshelf, puttering and responding to a few emails (who wants a movie date with me? ha).
Relaxing has never been a forte of mine.
I think this is calling for another mantra…
Allowing work and play to live together, happily and without resentment and anxiety for one another.
These next couple of weeks will be a challenge for sure..
I see this as a perfect opportunity to practice balance.
Countless times I’ve chosen to stay home on a Saturday to create seasonal menus rather than join my friends for a night out.   Or write content, proposals and plan events on a Sunday instead of watching the Super Bowl.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I’m passionate about S&S and I’m so grateful to have found a career that brings me so much enjoyment and pleasure.
What’s more important in life?  Creating memories with friends on a Saturday night?  Or creating menus for an event on a Saturday night?
Itinerary: Guest Chef at Gastro Vino Wine Festival.  Pt on by my dear friend (since middle school) Mac.
Surf Camp with Mario for 3 days
Dinner and Dancing at Flora Farms
A night at Hotel el Ganzo 
In my carry on: grapefruit, chia seeds, reads, eye mask 🙂

Living Deliciously

Spring has Sprung yeah!  Lunch is enjoyed al fresco… after a fun party at the Academy of Sciences, Big Gala last night

 and up at 5am to teach 4 spin/trx classes at Cardio-Tone

Today’s Living Deliciously Tip:

balance late night dancing and boozing with early morning exercising and veg-ing!

check list:

big salad with local eggs – SPF 45 – Anthropologie blanket – bowl dad made 50 years ago in wood shop class- basket I picked up in the South of France – getting inspirations for next week’s veg menu – lemon water – sun hat

Currently listening to on repeat Mayer Hawthorne, Designer Drug



Women with Ambition!

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Prints at JESSE LC
“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” – Confucious
I gotta tell ya, I feel so lucky to have such a great group of entrepreneurial girlfriends! They have not only found their passion but have developed their passion and dream into their career. 
We often get together, like we did today, to bounce ideas off each other and most importantly, laugh and have a good time! 
Today was an ordinary get-together, but for some reason it felt extra special and worth sharing…
Babes Brainstorming over Brunch:
Local 123 in Berkeley

Jamie (health coach), Melanie (bridal stylist), Krista (photographer) and Sarah (weight loss coach)
So wonderful having such ambitious, smart, fun, loving, driven women in my life!
4 hours of masterminding madness 
Wonderful menu and relaxed ambiance.  If I were to have a cafe it’d look something like
Yes, I ordered 2 meals, at 11:30 and 2:30 🙂
Because we’re women with a vision and we’re gonna make it happen!
Homemade Granola over Yogurt (followed 2 poached eggs over a bed of mixed greens!)
Fresh Air

A Hostess…

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…must be like a duck- calm and unruffled on the surface, and paddling like hell underneath 
Audrey Hepburn

you’re just one in a trillion

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To the world you may be one person
but to one person you may be the world

I love this quote so much!
while balancing my au laite on a ledge I snuck a pic
What a great afternoon; the sun is out and I’ve decided to stroll around my neighborhood and pop into one of my favorite SF clothing shops, Picnic.
Picnic has recently opened up shop next door too- selling more things for the home and garden.