Heart Healthy Link Love

    This weekend came across a few inspiring and helpful articles embracing healthy living.  Including mind, body, nutrition and spirituality.

    Mind Body Green:  9 foods that heal your body and belong in every kitchen HERE

    Bella Life:  4 steps to creating a life you want to live HERE

    TIME Magazine: 100 ideas that changed the world HERE

    Feasting At Home:  A guide to seasonal produce HERE

    Warriors Playoffs! highlights HERE

    Just Do It, video: When you need motivation to sweat HERE

    Her Future: Change Yourself, Change the World HERE  as I ask myself, “should I hop on a plan to Baja and help feed the hungry?’

     Happy Mothers Day Weekend!  I swear we do more than eat and drink…

    Picnic at China Camp with Comforts Chinese Chicken Salad.  Mom’s favorite dessert from the 60’s: Pineapple and marshmallow Whip (went to 4 stores before finding it…people really still eat this?).  Mindee (my cousin/best friend) and I take our moms (sister) to the Lyon Street Steps for Champagne and A16 for dinner.

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