Wellness Wednesdays: Hello from Uruguay & World’s Healthiest Oatmeal

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    Hola from Punta Del Este, Uruguay!

    (You can read about this beautiful city and the Formula E  Race I’m attending here

    But we’re not interested in race cars 🙂 lets talk food!

    Making time to have a healthy breakfast can be tough, especially during the holidays and while traveling.  I mean, you can only eat like this for one or two days before feeling like a complete log.
    But traveling with and keeping on hand “staple power foods”  and knowing what to keep in your hotel room and home pantry can make all the difference between feeling exhausted or energized by noon!

    We just RAN 10Ks yesterday  along the water which I had no idea I was even physically capable of doing –  I’m telling you, it’s the chia seeds man, they’re magic 😉

    Below I’ve included every ingredient and it’s MEDICINAL and NUTRITIONAL information- they’re LOADED with HEALTH BENEFITS! 

    Just add hot water!

    – Oats, Walnut Butter, Banana,  Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts, Cinnamon and Vanilla Powder

    – I travel with a baggie of mixed Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts, Cinnamon and Vanilla Powder
    – Individual nut butters are great too
    – Pick up oats, hearty bread, whole fruit and mixed nuts/raisins from your local grocery store
    World’s Best Hotel Oatmeal:
    Not only is this easy enough for a 2 year old to make (attention: hot water) but EVERY ingredient is whole, from the earth and provides health benefits!

    Oats: Proven to help lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. Low on glycemic index. Vitamins E and B, magnesium, calcium and iron

    Banana: Potassium and vitamin C transport oxygen around the body to renew and revitalize the skin.  Potassium, C and B6 are good for heart health.  Good for athletes, bananas support performance, recovery, muscle repair

    Walnuts:  Fiber, Vitamin B, omega-3, antioxidants

    Honey: Raw honey help reduce inflammation. Natural sweetener

    Cinnamon: Antibacterial and anti-fungal, combats indigestion and bloating, stabilizes blood sugar.

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