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My Melting Pot

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In our blue and white kitchen,
this is where it all goes down (right into my belly!)

I have the pleasure of living with my cousin, slash best friend, and thank goodness we have the same taste when it comes to home decor. Partially inspired by her love affair with Greece and Greek men (her wonderful fiance) we decided to decorate our kitchen using a sea-side Mediterranean blue and white pallet.

We mix-match our dishes and keep them on display in our open cabinets

Polish Pottery from our moms (who are sisters), china from our grandmothers, and blue Anthropolgie latte bowls pull our blue and white look together!


I love this nook!

Blue back-splash tile

Etsy Soap Dispensers

Anthropologie finds


China Cabinet

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one man’s trash is another’s treasure

My inner Martha Stewart came out…
now it beautifully displays my limoge, crystal and silver

once blue with white wooden knobs

I bought this hideous piece of furniture at a garage sale for $20
The paint and knobs cost more than that 🙂 


Earring Organizer

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Vintage looking ribbon and push pins from an art store

Don’t push the pin flat to the wall. Leave space so you can hang necklaces too!

Choose a ribbon that is lacy so that you can hang your collection easily

Painted shabby chic blue, I picked this dresser up from a garage sale for less than $20. With a little black paint, wood filler and new knobs it’s now vintage chic, not shabby chic

Silver tray displays my sunglasses and perfume
Sunglasses: I picked up on my last trip to Milan at Mango

My mom gave me this beautiful glass dish
which I use to hold my pearls and Grandmother’s gold bangles

Framed Painting of Paris I picked up from an antique shop
Postcard from my last trip to Paris
I’ll admit, I’m obsessed

An Antropologie hook hangs my necklaces


A Room with a View, written by Claudine

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I am so much more productive when I am working while enjoying a view, fresh air and natural sunlight!

After a few hours though I get antsy and either need to make a snack or play Boy With a Coin and dance around my room! Listen! (Click and Dance)

When we moved in to our lovely Nob HIll apartment I was so happy to have my very own bay window in my bedroom. It has always been my dream to put a desk in a window :o)

For a desk I use my great grandmother’s table. It opens up into a square table, which is nice to bring into the living room when friends come over for dinner, and has a secret cubby under the tabletop… ssshhh…
Anyone who works from home knows how hard it is to not constantly munch and snack! I find that drinking lots of tea and water keeps me from snacking… too much :o)

Mindee picked up these adorable water glasses this weekend and Kate gave me my very own “C” mug for Christmas, both from where else but Anthropologie.

For a coaster I use a beautiful white and gold Limoges saucer from my grandmother. I’m not sure what happened to the tea cup…

Tabletop Essentials:
Besides for a coaster, something to keep your pens and paperclips organized.
My mom picked up this beautiful glass dish at an antique store and my aunt Isabella gave me the antique silver drinking glass (which I NEED to polish, how embarrassing)