Earring Organizer

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    Vintage looking ribbon and push pins from an art store

    Don’t push the pin flat to the wall. Leave space so you can hang necklaces too!

    Choose a ribbon that is lacy so that you can hang your collection easily

    Painted shabby chic blue, I picked this dresser up from a garage sale for less than $20. With a little black paint, wood filler and new knobs it’s now vintage chic, not shabby chic

    Silver tray displays my sunglasses and perfume
    Sunglasses: I picked up on my last trip to Milan at Mango

    My mom gave me this beautiful glass dish
    which I use to hold my pearls and Grandmother’s gold bangles

    Framed Painting of Paris I picked up from an antique shop
    Postcard from my last trip to Paris
    I’ll admit, I’m obsessed

    An Antropologie hook hangs my necklaces

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