Update from Todos Santos

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    Hola Friends! I hope you all are well.  It sure has been a whirlwind since I moved here (I used to say “world wind” up until a week ago).  The first month was a week of catching up and acclimating to my new environment, followed by a week of looking for a new place to live while dodging scary dogs and ended with a week of finally getting the ball rolling on the farm-to-table concept (the reason for my move down here).

    A month ago the “cafe” was, well, 4 brick walls and a roof.   Seriously, that’s it.   Today, I am proud to say that our hard work is showing and by December 21st we will be open for business!

    First, I’d Like to clear the air a bit, because as my grandmother thinks, I moved down here to live on a beach 🙂 I am living on a dirt road, I brush my teeth with bottled water and my “shower” is dripping cold water.  Dinning out is an uphill battle as everything is fried and garnished with a sprinkle of micro organisms.  The stray dogs are terrifying, vicious and rabie-infested.  There’s only 2 paved roads in town.  I live on a beach and have out on my bikini once.  To my surprise the locals do not understand when I speak to them in Italian.  On Sundays Todos Santos turns into a ghost town. Expecting to  FaceTime over stolen wifi is like expecting to leave Whole Foods spending less than $50- it’s just not gonna happen.  Anyway, despite the norms (of living in Mexico), I am really enjoying being here and grateful for this opportunity to team up and learn from some of the best organic farmers!

    Life in Todos since I arrived November 1st, 6 weeks ago (with a 2 week break in SF)

    The soon to be cafe and farm-to-table store

    When I arrived 6 weeks ago it was an empty brick building.  Our new tables to display produce


    Day of canning – with the labels and logo I designed – Organic Farm Girl yah

    With Logan and Liz (farmers and investors in our project) and Ramon our carpenter.
    Ramon getting my approval, “yes shutters open out”
    Harvesting first batch of cucumbers.  Brought the seeds down in July…so exciting.
    Everyday run on the beach at 5pm (backyard)
    Morning Yoga


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