Life Lately: Todos Santos Farm Project

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    Hola Amigas!

    As some of you may know, right around Halloween I packed up my entire life, subleased my apartment in SF, said goodbye to the people I love and headed to Mexico with hopes and dreams for opening a farm-to-table cafe.  I teamed up with 2 wonder farmers/investors and in 6 weeks we were open!  Well, it is not a cafe yet (as the kitchen is still being built) so we’ll call it a farm-to-table store for the time being. We sell over 40 verities of organic fruits and veggies (from seeds I brought down in July), canned and preserved deliciousness made from otherwise wasted produce (if the produce doesn’t meet Whole Foods’ and Trader Joes’ standards for perfection it gets dumped into compost and never sold) and loads of fresh baked treats and breads (some gluten free too!).

    So here’s a little list of what’s been going on down here during the past 6 weeks.  Now, Nona and Popa,  you’ll know what I’ve been up to and promise I didn’t move to Mexico to sunbathe (I actually only put my bikini on once)

    Life Lately: Halloween to xmas eve (with a 2 week Thanksgiving-break in SF)

    Opened a farm-to-table store on an organic farm: from lighting, labels, carpentry design, logo, and layout…working with carpenters, investors, farmers, electricians, welders and masons…I basically was a general contractor and architect.

    I’ve formed a deep friendship with Elizabeth, an incredibly smart and ambitious entrepreneur, who owns a very successful farm in Todos Santos.  She and her team have given me nothing but love and respect and I am so grateful for her.  During the short time I knew Elizabeth she was awarded by the Mexican Federal Government, “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Philanthropist of the Year.”  Yeah!

    Learned how to can and preserve.

    Was a private chef 3 nights for a visiting family staying at Villa Santa Cruz.

    Catered a Wine & Tapa bridal party for 15 women.

    Learned how to harvest and grow about 10 verities of veggies.

    Gained a new appreciation for yoga thanks to Jessica 

    Finished a book. Finally.

    Went to my first Dharma circle by Robert Hall

    Gone 2 weeks with out seeing myself once in a full length mirror… and realized tongiht for the first time.

    Before (the tables were not built 6 wks ago)
    Flourless chocolate cakes for a dinner party at Villa Santa Cruz

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