Baja Road Trip & My New Home

    Hola! It’s been awhile, eh?

    I’ve just embarked on the next beautiful chapter in life….

    Not exactly sure how to start.  Ok, off we go…

    This is me: My passion is creating naturally nourishing meals accessible to all while inspiring and educating people on the art of living healthy and well.  My cooking style is beyond simple to the point I feel a little silly when I post a recipe as basic as this here.  I cook with with familiar ingredients from the earth, I can’t follow a recipe with more than 5 steps, I’m intimidated by kitchen gadgets (though I love people who aren’t!) and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I’ve never made a galette.  I am not a chef by any means, I’m just a gal who loves chopping with the seasons and cooking for health.

    So, here I am:  “Rabbit” as some call me.  A produce-loving, natural-believer who hopped upon an organic farm on a beach in Todos Santos, Baja last May (see here).  A dream come true for a Rabbit!  So it is here on an organic farm where I will be for awhile, living and learning.

    Doing what I believe: I feel this is my opportunity to fully embrace what it takes to have 100% control over what goes onto my plate and into my body.  From seed to soup and slaughter to skewer, I’m here to learn and experience first hand what it means to live the “farm-to-table” life.  With access to all the resources and knowledge any farm girl could imagine, I’m so excited to share with you what I learn!  From planting, cultivating, picking, hosting sunset soirees and wellness retreats, I’m beyond excited for this opportunity.  And being in a beautiful place surely helps…see here

    Keeping it real: Without the pretentiousness and snootiness that comes with the organic and local-food scene in the Bay Area, Todos santos offers true, raw, authentic farming and dining.  There is no middle man making millions off your Whole Foods purchases, and as Logan’s family would say, “we are ethically producing and providing produce to all”  (too many P’s? I like the sound of it though. Bumper sticker, right!?)

    Day 1 on Farm:  Gettnig dirty putting up a green house and hoping to gain the respect of the hard workers.   Logan said, “They’ve never seen a girl working on the farm, let alone a gringa.”  You’ll be buying this basil in Whole Foods in January.

    Therapy: First morning run…at the end of my dirt road lies this…

    The Journey: Now for the exciting Part!  My dear friend Morgan (our business Performance-Foods) and her fiancé joined me on our 5 night adventure down highway 1! I traded in my old convertible for a truck, loaded it up with pots and pans, and off we went.  We stopped only to sleep and fuel up on roadside tacos and gasoline.

    Numbers on the map are as follows.

    1) “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Confucius

    2) Driving to Ensenada
    3) A magical night in Valle de Guadelupe… baja’s wine country.  Our second wine tasting turned into a 6 hour dinner until 12am with a family on their vineyard…fire pit, bbq, kids running around and bottles of wine being poured with out even their label on yet! Truly an unforgettable night… hint, we’ll be in Travel & Leisure (in towels 🙂
    4) Sunrise Shot on Highway 1
    5) Staying the night at Catavina (so small, didn’t even take a picture.  One hotel in the town run on a generator)
    6) Morning Taco
    7) Staying the night in Loretto
    8) Beautiful Drive and Bay
    9) We make it to Todos Santos! first thing’s first: Celebratory Margaritas and Chips and Salsa!
    Before pulling away from my home, I was feeling a little uneasy and my mom say:
     Thank you Momma (and dad!) for always believing in me, supporting me and being my biggest cheerleaders!

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    Great post, Claudine! California misses you already!