Seafood, Cake, Cocktails, Donations and Goats…

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What is… My Birthday Weekend Of Course!

How the weekend went down…

Late Lunch at Swan Oyster Depot with a really great guy.  Swan  is a famous sea food spot in SF (10 min walk from my place)… it’s been around for years and still family run.  The guys running it grew up in SF and know my family so going there is a party in and of itself.  Let’s just say 2 hours later we’re the last people there and were taking birthday shots of fernet (bad idea).

I hustle home by 6, as friends are arriving at 8, and whipped up an amazing Chocolate Fallen Cake with Coconut Whip Cream and Fresh Toasted Coconut sprinkled on top.  Gluten free, obviously.  Recipe  from Bon Appetit 

My girls show up 10min to 8 with all the beautiful cocktail fixings, liquor, fresh fruit and herbs.  Party Tips: This is a great way to serve drinks and make a party more fun and interactive.  Your quests will enjoy getting to experiment with creating delicious concoctions too.

I requested one thing from people arriving and that was to bring something for the homeless.  Just blocks from my apartment is an area of town where people sleep on the streets and go all day hungry – breaks my heart that this is happening so close to home.  That’s a whole other story for another time.  Anyway, about 20 friends showed up with donations for the needy…so special.  Thanks, guys.

Saturday morning my brother took me to brunch.  Which was really tacos and margaritas at 10am at Nicks Tacos.  I love this place and during the day – great spot to watch a game.  Avoid after  6pm, as the place fills up the jocks and drunken obnoxiousness.

Tacos were followed by a 4 hour late lunch basking in the sun where the rosè  flows like wine and beautiful women flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  I’m talking about a little place called Delfina on Fillmore.  Thinking I could keep up with my friend (a giant athletic dude) we continue our adventure to Umami (the duck, oh the duck, heaven), Herry’s Bar (nasty), Hi-Lo Club (great spot for fancy cocktails), Big Foot (nasty) and ended at Bob’s Donuts (where I enjoyed  TWO apple fritters).  Best night ever, thanks Sito!

Sunday Birthday Picnic at the ocean, off Highway 1

My only birthday wish was to go to a goat farm, pet the goats and then eat their cheese.  So come Sunday my mom, aunt and Mindee (cousin, slash best friend) took me to Pescadero’s  Harley Goat Farm, about an hour south of SF, right off highway 1.  The drive alone is worth the trip.  We stop at a beach along the way to have lunch.  Mindee out did herself (as usual) and made a beautiful spread with beautiful birthday decorations.  Picnic Tips:  Pack salads in mason jars, use cloth, silverware and glass as it is more eco and wont blow away, decorate with colorful straws.  Lunch was followed by Harley Goat Farm.  Yes, I bought a blue plaid shirt just for the occasion 🙂

Aunt Izzy Loving the baby goat. Momma goat stuck in the fence.  Making cheese. My momma bear getting comfortable with the goats

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