Nori Rolls with a Raw Almond and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread

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    Get creative with the fillings.  Really anything works in Nori Rolls.  I used quinoa to make this a full protein lunch and a raw almond and sun-dried tomato spread to add healthy fats, protein and flavor.
    Once you get the hang of rolling and assembling you’ll be amazed at how easy it is and wonder why you don’t make them more often

    You can lay the seaweed out on parchment paper if you do not have a bamboo roller (I just didn’t feel like getting mine down from storage- how often does one really roll seaweed!?)
    Thin layer of spread, followed by a grain then veggies
    Easy a 1-2-3!

    Nori Rolls:
    Sliced Veggies
    Grain (quinoa or rice are my favorite)
    Have a little bowl of warm water near by.  You will be using this to dip your finger into when securing the seaweed roll closed
    Lay a piece of seaweed down on bamboo (wax paper…)
    Working in the third closest to you
    Top with a thin layer of spread (Almond Pate, Hummus, Tahini with lemon and watered down a bit, peanut sauce…)
    Top with veggies
    Roll Tightly
    Dip your fingers into the water and run them across the last 1/2 inch of seaweed
    Press the wet seaweed against the roll

    Almond Pate:
    1 cup Almonds Soaked 8-24 hours
    Sun-dried tomatoes
    1/2 cup fresh basil
    1 T fresh squeezed Lemon juice
    2 t Tamari, soy sauce or shoyu
    Cayenne for a kick (optional)
    Salt and pepper
    Drain the almonds
    Place Almonds into a food processor and blend until smooth
    Add the remaining ingredients and process until well mixed and blended.

    Use a grain that is cooled completely.  If you must- throw it in the freezer for a few minutes if you’ve just cooked it.  If you do not have rolling bamboo (I’m sure there is an actual name for it) you can use wax of parchment paper.

    Cut into bite size pieces, these little guys make pretty party appetizers

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