Happy Day 3… To A New You!

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Yeah!Today’s will be fast…I have that Italian Meetup! happy hour at Bubble Lounge in an hour!

Again, today’s tip was inspired by the turn of events in my day.
Like many of you, I pack my day with meetings, appointments, lunches with friends, gym classes, laundry (mine’s in the mat down the street now!) work emails, etc. and often don’t have time to pack a healthy lunch or plan a healthy meal for when I get home.
Tip #1
Healthy Eating is Easy and Cheap!

Today’s menu is super simple and fast!
Breakfast was thrown in a jar in 1 minute and taken out the door.
Lunch was picked up at Walgreens, if you can believe it or not.
Dinner was salmon, grain and veggies all baked in the same dish.
Granola in a Jar
Time: 60 seconds  Cost:  > $1
I recommend making homemade granola because store bought can be packed with fat and sugar 🙁
This batch I made with cinnamon and raisins and flax seed so it tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies.
The combination possibilities are endless!
(here’s a recipe)
I love this link to great oatmeal combinations! (here)
Time: 5 minutes   Cost: > $5
4 hours after breakfast I’m leaving my appointment, famished, in the middle of the financial district.
I hopped into a Walgreens and picked up:
Chobani 2% Plain Yogurt: Calcium and Protein Packed
Banana: Healthy Sugars and Carbs for instant energy
I was 2 blocks from my mom’s office…I surprised her with a visit and chomped away on my delicious lunch while we caught up for a bit.
Afternoon with mom:
Time: 30 minutes  Cost: Priceless!
Lara Bar
3 ingredients- I LOVE it
On my hike back up to Russian Hill I stopped at my favorite corner grocery store,  Le Beau for ingredients for dinner.
Salmon and Veggies over Grains and cooked in White Wine
The Kale Pesto on the salmon and the grains I made on Sunday, making this all the more simple to throw together in minutes.
Time: Assembly 5 minutes, Bake 20.  Cost: $6
This is my favorite way to cook dinner when I don’t feel like spending much hands on time.
You can also get creative with the ingredients.  If you have asparagus, use that.  Halibut, why not?  Fresh herbs and lemons zest, bring it!
You can also adjust the portions very easily!
Oil the pan.  Add you already made grain.
Place salmon fillets and veggies over your grain
Spread kale Pesto on salmon
Drizzle veggies and the grain around the salmon with white wine
cover tightly with foil
Bake at 375 for 20 minutes!
Ok off to meet some Italianiiii! Wish me Luck!

5 Responses to Happy Day 3… To A New You!

Alexandra Easley

Yum! This salmon and vegetable dish looks amazing, I’m definitely going to try it out with the kale pesto. Thanks for all of the great tips!

Tricia Kievlan

This is fabulous! I’m so enjoying reading your posts this week. I’m already restocking my pantry with your wonderful suggestions. Suddenly my husband’s lunches and dinners for work are going to get a whole lot healthier and more interesting. 🙂


I tried the salmon with kale pesto it was delish!!! I wonder if meetup has a similar group for spanish? I need to work on my espanol!

Claudine Dagit

Thanks for stopping buy you guys!
Tricia, I actually think of you when I’m making the grain pilaf 🙂
Vanessa, there’s a meetup for EVERYthing!

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