Happy Day 2… To A New You!

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Welcome to day 2!
How do you feel?  I already know of some friends who have cut out refined sugar or alcohol or tried yoga for the first time today… Great Job you guys!
Well, my “no refined sugar” for a week goal didn’t go as planned…
I reached for a bowl of complimentary chocolates at a store this afternoon with out even realizing it!
Ooooops! But it’s ok, shit happens like we learned yesterday.  Tomorrow I will try harder.
Have you come up with a goal yet?  Don’t forget to write it down!

Todays menu is so pure and cleansing…you will love it!
And today’s healthy living tip is even better!

Tip #1
Live in the Present and be Happy with Today!
I feel like this advice could not come at a more perfect moment.  During the New Year I always become a bit, well, day dreamy.  And I’m sure you do too.  The New Year is a time for reflection.  It’s a time when we often find ourselves thinking about our past and wishing for the perfect future.  I know we’re all guilty of it.
Well, how about we LIVE TODAY!
Be happy knowing that someone loves you, Today!  Love your body, Today!  Be grateful that you have a job, Today!  Know that 50% of the world’s population did not have access to a computer, Today {I just made that up…but it sounds good 🙂 }!  And know that you were given an opportunity to be great, Today!
I loose sight of living in the moment too! Every so often I dream about my past when I lived in Milan, Italy.  And, to no surprise, it’s usually around a time like the New Year when I begin to day dream.  I so badly wish to go back and live my Italian life again.  Soaking up the Italian culture, speaking a beautiful language, riding my bike down the cobble stone streets, meeting my amazing Milanese friends for lunch on a weekday where pasta and wine are enjoyed for hours, grocery shopping at the (CHEAP) street markets daily and serving cocktails at a bar which is smack in the middle of Corso Como (the fashion street… where models and professional soccer players were my bar’s cliental).
Clearly I am not living in Milan anymore (at least, for Today I am not).
On a stroll through Crissy Fields Sunday I explained my dilemma to Sarah and she simple said to me, “why don’t you bring your Italian life to SF”
Brilliant! Why hadn’t I thought of that!?
So that’s what I did today.  I know what it is about Italy makes me happy and I brought that here today.

You can do the same.  If you know that sweating and working out makes you happy… lace up your sneakers.  If you know that eating crap makes you feel like crap… give your Christmas cookies to the hungry man on the corner.  If you know that your current job is not where you’d like to see yourself in 2013, apply for many other jobs.  

The Power of choice and happiness is in your hands, everyday!

How I brought Italian life to me today:
I got dressed super fashionable (yes, just to go to a kid’s park and hang with a 2 year old).  You do not see Italian women wearing workout clothes… lulu lemon is for the gym, that’s it!
I Enjoyed a long lunch, outdoors, with sparkling water.
Afternoon bike ride on my adorable beach cruise (with a basket) that just looking at bring me back to Europe!
Enjoyed an afternoon glass of wine at Lashfully where I got beautified (because Italian women definitely put time into their appearance)
I joined an Italian group on Meetup! and am meeting for Happy Hour tomorrow!
And lastly, I am feeling so happy today, in this very moment , even though I’m not in Italy 🙂
What can you do to appreciate today!?

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational TED talks: 

Do What You Love (no excuses!) (here): Why Are We Happy (here): 7 Rules For making More Happiness (here)

Now For the Menu:


Quinoa and Black Rice (you’ve already have it made in the fridge) avocado. 

I cooked the egg with a little sesame oil and sprinkled black sesame seeds on top (SO great for digestion!)


I met Kate and Milo at the Park and packed a picnic in this adorable carrier I picked up in Chang Mai, Thailand

Miso Cabbage salad
Mix cabbage and carrots with rice wine vinegar, miso paste and coconut sugar (1 T of each)

Ginger Lime Shrimp
Always keep frozen Shrimp on hand (defrost in running cool water)
Toss with Olive oil, lime zest and grated ginger
Broil for 2 minutes on each side

Soy-Honey Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Slice Sweet potatoes and roast at 400 for 10 minutes on each side
Mix equal pasts soy sauce and honey, drizzle over

Slice Grapefruit and Kiwi

Sprinkle with raw coconut


Sweet Potato and Kale with Tahini Honey Sauce 

bake sweet potato.  Steam kale and mix with a bit of your grain.

Mix 1 T tahini with 1 t honey and 1 t water

I have been trying to refrain from boring you with the nutritional benefits of each meal… but this you should know:

Sweet Potatoes are packed with vitamin A.  But your body needs zinc in order to distribute the A through out your body.  Sesame seeds (tahini) are packed with zinc.  Therefore, this makes a perfect A + zinc combo 🙂

At the park with Kate and Milo

Milo and Me

Proof that happiness can be as simple as an empty box

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