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    So excited for my Winter Citrus Salad to be featured in Mind Body Green!

    As you know, when cooking I chose every ingredient for a specific reason and eat for a “purpose” 🙂 this recipe is a perfect example of just that – each ingredient serves a health and nutritional benefit plus the combination of citrus and fat is key!
    Haley, my partner at 10 Day Health Challenge and amazing holistic nutritionist, explains in the article why this is such a Super-Detoxifying recipe!  

    Grab the Recipe Here

    Photo credit to my talented friend and TRX extraordinaire, Eric Wolfinger 🙂

    You Can read WHY grapefruit and fat is a perfect pari on my blog post HERE
    Not only are grapefruits delicious, but they also
    make a great FACE MASKS!
    Recipe HERE 

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