Wellness Wednesdays: The power of Community

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Hola Amigas!

Coming at you from Todos Santos, Baja.  {My last day actually, as I’m packing up and moving back to SF tomorrow…My dreams came true here and it’s been an amazing experience}

It’s week two of Wellness Wednesdays and I’m LOVIN this!

Today’s Take-Away on Living Well:

The Power of Community and a Support System… Together we can inspire, reenergize and cultivate change! 

I took this photograph at Fort Funston in SF

Over the weekend, I was reminded time and time again of the importance of community, a support system and surrounding yourself with inspiring, driven and like-minded people!

This is going to be a quick one… 🙂 I’d like to share a few thoughts and hopefully my experience can inspire you too!

4 days with 5 wonderful girlfriends will do that! We are all coaches, teachers, givers and therapist who share the same vision: to spread wellness and enlighten the people in our communities.  Whether through yoga, business coaching, healthful cooking or massage, our mission is to inspire, teach and heal!

{The women who I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with: Ashley, Leila, Nicole, Martine & Janet}

A Women’s Mastermind Wellness Weekend, we called it, and it was a perfect!  We were able to seamlessly move from relax to present, teacher to student, baja white wine to local organic kale juice. Ashley and Martin led effective and strategic lessons on business/personal goal setting and helped us dial in on our 2014 business plan.  They held the space for us to be open and clear so we could give ourselves permission to fully express ourselves.  Twice a day we took a break from relaxing and business-work-shoppin to clear our minds with a little rooftop, gentle yoga, led by Leila and Nicole.

It was being in the presence of inspiring women that was the force behind my transformation 🙂 It was all of our combined energy that has created change within and furthermore, provided us with the tools to create change in our communities back home!  It this support-system that can motivate all of us to translate our passions into action in our urban communities.

We are pack animals…. we’ve evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to to stick together, support one another, inspire one another and survive together!

So let’s get out there and LIVE  more socially!

Join Mom Groups, Book Clubs, schedule long lunch dates with friends, go on Wellness Weekends or Women’s Retreats


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