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Green Smoothie Recipe

Wellness Wednesdays: Green Smoothie Recipe (when organic is not available)

Hola! Coming at you from Todos Santos….  The little beach town in Southern Baja Mexico I moved to (exactly) this time last year.  I moved here to open a farm-to-table store/cafe on an organic farm (see here & here) and after the hurricane which touched-down on Souther Baja last month, the store and farm were nearly destroyed.  {Which brings me back to Todos Santos to give a little love}.

Since the local organic farms have been destroyed in the hurricane, the only available produce in town comes from farms that drench and drown their produce in pesticides 🙁   

Tips on Healthy Traveling & Choosing NON Organic Produce: 
-Choose fruits and veggies that you can peel, minimizing your pesticide exposure!
(avoid berries and foods that grow IN the ground like carrots)
-I pack baggies of superfoods like 
spirulina and green tea matcha when traveling – both are loaded with antioxidants {fun fact: Antioxidants help repair damaged cells caused by free radicals in our bodies – free radicals come from pollution, pesticides, smoke, toxins, etc.)
-I also travel with Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea and freeze the brewed tea into ice cubes for smoothies
– while we’re on the subject, here are more healthy travel tips

Green Smoothie Recipe:  1 Cucumber (peeled),  Avocado, Lime, Frozen Banana, Spirulina, Green Tea Matcha and Green Tea Ice Cubes (not pictured)

Breakfast was chia seeds and oats cooked with cinnamon, vanilla and coconut oil.  Topped with walnut butter, bananas, hemp hearts and local honey  (I brought everything from SF except for the bananas, coconut oil and honey)

Papaya and Green Smoothie Afternoon Snack

Jicama and Cucumber with Lime and Cayenne

Loving my Klean Kanteen – Powereed by Spirunia and Matcha 🙂 OOOOOMMMM


Here’s to health,

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