Wellness Wednesday: Over Night Oats {and my story on self control}

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    Check out this wonderful breakfast recipe that can be prepared in a big batch on Sunday & enjoyed all week!  {plus: it tastes like an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!}

    This recipe checks all “breakfast boxes”:

    • Healthy

    • Fast & Easy

    • Naturally Gluten Free

    • Dairy Free

    • Whole Ingredients

    • Complete Plant Based Protein

    • No Sugar

    • Delicious

    • Cheap

    We’re talking about OVERNIGHT OATS, my friends!!!

    Ok, if you know me, you know I do not follow recipes or take notes when I’m cooking… so I’m not exactly sure on the quantities.  But this only proves my philosophy:  cooking can be simple… just add and taste as you are creating, and you can’t go wrong! All you really need to know are the ingredients, you can adjust the quantities to your taste preferences.

    Ingredients: {makes a ton}

    3 Cups of boiling water
    1 cup Steel Cut Oats
    2 cup Dairy Free Milk (I’m obsessed with Project Juice’s Almond Mylk – SO rich, creamy & flavorful)
    1/2 cup Chia Seeds (and I use buckwheat groats too)
    Vanilla Extract
    Walnuts or Almonds

    In a large Glass container combine the boiling water and steel cut oats.
    In a separate container combine the remaining ingredients, except for the nuts.  Mix well.
    Let both soak over night.
    In the morning mix it all together really well – this is an arm workout!
    Divide into jars and top with nuts



    My personal story on Self Control

    I’m going out on a limb here and being a bit vulnerable by sharing this with you… here we have it, my truth:
    I HAVE ZERO SELF CONTROL WHEN IT COMES TO DONUTS. And I’m not embarrassed nor ashamed to admit this to you.

    My Story:
    Last Friday was International DONUT DAY! My favorite day of the year. But here’s my problem with donuts, I can not stop when I’m perfectly satisfied {after 3 bites} and I will end up eating the entire donut and feeling sick to my stomach.  I’m sure we are all familiar and can relate to some degree.  Whether it’s with chips and salsa, french fries, beer or chocolate… we’ve all done it.
    Sure, we could go into the psychology of “why” we overeat and lose control, but I’ll leave that to the experts. {SarahNisha and Jamie are 3 of my close friends who can help you with coming clean with the “why”}

    Also, there is a chemical reaction happening in your body/brain when you eat packaged/processed/manufactured foods.   Seriously.  Scientists have created packaged “food” in a lab that when eaten send signals to your brain so that you will keep reaching for more, more and more. Michael Pollan does a good job of explaining that here and elsewhere.

    So I have few tips for when you have zero self control like me 🙂
    a little silly, I know…
    1) Simple: I do not keep “trigger” foods in my house.  I know that I have trouble stopping at one chip & salsa so I just don’t BUY it!  Easy as that.  Out of sight, out of mind.
    2)  Ok, you’re going to laugh…. but after I savored a few bites of the apple fritter donut {and was perfectly satisfied, and honestly already feeling sick from the sugar} I put the donut in the sink, poured over dish soap and shoved it down the garbage disposal! haha!  And there you have it. Out of sight out of mind 🙂

    Love & Light,


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