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Wellness Wednesday: STOP worrying about all the foods you "can't eat" - Cooking with Claudine

Wellness Wednesday: STOP worrying about all the foods you “can’t eat”

As a woman who enjoys the occasional glass of wine just as much as a green smoothie, I thought I’d share with you my underlining philosophy on food and eating – that I hope anyone can agree with: paleo, vegan, what have you.

Cutting out the foods we enjoy, grew up on, or are a part of our culture can be difficult and a bit sad.
I mean, who wants to give up Matzo Ball Soup!?

Therefore, I propose we start small by introducing new and delicious, nutrient dense foods into our day.
Here are a few examples of how you can do that:

  • Start your day off with lemon water
  • add chia seeds, cinnamon and flax meal to your morning oats
  • sprinkle hemp seeds on your salad at lunch
  • pack your own hummus and loads of veggies for a snack
  • have a green smoothie with a superfood powder in the afternoon

There you have it – you just added 400 calories of nutrient rich foods that boost your immune system, create healthy hair, skin and nails, and provide your body with nourishment that will actually keep you feeling satiated and satisfying.  You’ll notice that nutrient dense foods will fill you up and keep you energized for longer than empty foods (Honey Bunches of Oats and Cheezits).

With all this hype and chatter around dairy, gluten, sugar, soy – what our paleolithic ancestors ate and didn’t eat –  it seems almost impossible these days to know what’s good for us and what’s not…

I propose we shift that perspective.
What about if instead of dwelling on the foods we can’t eat, we start thinking,
“I can eat anything from the earth!”

How amazing would that be!?
I think we’re safe to assume that if cultures have been eating it for thousands of years, we’re cool to, too: coconut, rice, fish, lentils, mango, honey, miso paste. 

I don’t think the man in the Japanese fishing village is worrying about consuming too much rice or miso soup (fermented soy).
It’s the American diet we should be questioning, the ThinkThin power bars and diet sodas.  

News flash for those avoiding gluten:
Gluten is only found in 4 grains: rye, bulger, barley and wheat.  
Which are easy to avoid if you are eating a whole foods diet.
I mean how often do you go to the bulk aisle and scoop out a bag of bulger? Not often.

Look at it this way, in the bulk aisle there are LOADS of grains that are gluten free which you probably have never tried, let alone heard of.  So why not try something new!?
For example, millet, quinoa, all rices, oats and amaranth are all gluten free.

In addition, as opposed to replacing your cookie with vegan or gluten free cookie, try satisfying your sweet tooth with THESES!!

And while we’re talking about clean eating and mindful living…I’d love to invite you to
JOIN ME ON May 30th in West Marin

It’s a weekend of combined
green smoothies, walks, mat movement, massage, relaxing
AND INDULGENCES: cheese from the farm, wine, chocolate

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