Shrimp Sushi on a Sunny Sunday!

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Anyone who has lived in San Francisco knows that September is the most beautiful month of the year.  It’s actually common for the fog to disappear for a few consecutive days!  Everyone’s mood changes and  positive vibes fill the streets, shops and cafes.

Anyway, my plan was to go to the do-over, a day party at the Phoenix Hotel where I’d dance and drink the beautiful afternoon away with girlfriends.  As I was slipping into my summer dress, my friend texts me to say, “the line is crazy, we’re going to the park!”
So I slipped into my bikini, grabbed a towel and water (with fresh lemon) and made way way to the roof of my apartment, where I spent the next few hours basking under the San Francisco!  I’ve got to get tan because in one week from today I will be laying pool side at the Trump Hotel in Vegas with about 15 of my closest girlfriends (since preschool/middle school)!
I must have listened to about 7 TED talks on my iPhone, and Brene Brown’s discussion on The Power of Vulnerability was by far my favorite.  I also painted my toes in my favorite O.P.I. color wrote up some great thoughts for my new business/branding direction (so excited, I’ll share soon!).

By 4 my tummy was rumbling and I made my way down to fix lunch.  I love being in the heat because I feel like it suppresses my appetite, and makes me eat smaller portions, well French portions (proper portions)
These Sushi rolls are perfect for lunch on a hot summer day or for a late light dinner.
I served with wasabi that comes in powder (you mix with water) and pickled ginger that  always have in the fridge to snack on 🙂

I was planning on using the avocado that has been waiting helplessly in my fridge- but I was too late – she was a goner 🙁
Because I always have a whole grain in the fridge ready to add to dishes, this was a super fast lunch. You can use what ever veggies you have on hand like I did

Makes 2 Rolls
2 Sheets of Seaweed
1/2 cup cooked rice
Pea shoot sprouts
1 large carrot shredder
6 shrimp, boiled
1/3 of a cucumber, peeled and sliced

I use a sheet on tin foil when I don’t feel like searching for my bamboo sushi rollers, it works just as well.
Place 1/4 cup of precooked rice (if you learn anything from my, it is to always have a pre cooked whole grain in your fridge, ready to add to dishes!) on the bottom third of a sheet of seaweed
Top with your veggies and shrimp
Roll and enjoy

(I actually started writing this on September 18th…and am just now getting to adding the photos and posting! It has been a BUSY month!)

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