Roll into Spring

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I am so overwhelmed right now with food, I don’t know where to begin.
Lists. Lots of them. Big ones.
Recipes I’ve made and need to share.
Recipes I’ve had on recent travels and need to share.
Recipes that look delicious and I must make, devour and share.

Checking off a recipe from my “I’ve made and must share list” are these fresh little bites of springtime.  Fresh Herbs are the key ingredients, but really anything seasonal and fresh will be great.  The filling possibilities are endless!

The creamy nut sauce is so good, you may just eat it on its own

I make these for vegan clients for their lunches and as appetizers at private parties.  They can last a couple days in the fridge with a wet towel around them.  Therefore, I recommend making a bunch… rolling takes a while to get the hang of, so the first few may be a little wobbly looking, and the assembling is easy once you have all the ingredients laid out and ready to go.
Don’t let the rice paper intimidate you, like it did me at first. Soaking them in water for 20 seconds is all it takes

Ingredients for Asian Rolls:
Rice Paper
Rice noodles Tossed in Sesame oil
Bell peppers
Shredded Carrots
Cilantro and scallions
Tofu (optional)
Sprouts for garnish

Ingredients for California Rolls:
Quinoa tossed in a almond oil
Shredded carrots
Basil and mint
Shrimp (optional)
Sprouts for garnish

Have ready:
Big shallow pan for dipping the papers in (I use a big skillet)
All your veggies to one side in bowls
A work surface for assembling with a a damp cloth
Cutting board
Place a rice paper in the water and rotate for about 20 seconds
Lay it on the damp towel
Place your grain or noodles across the bottom third in a thin line
Top with a few veggies
Tightly roll and set aside
After you have a few made, cut them at a diagonal
Top with sprouts and Peanut sauce

Asian Peanut or Californian Almond Sauce:
3 T Creamy Peanut or Almond Butter
3 T rice vinegar
2 t soy sauce
2 t brown sugar
red pepper flakes to taste 1/2 – 1 t

Whisk together and enjoy

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