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Need a little Motivation to put on your running shoes and get moving!?

Lately I have not been feeling so, well, inspired to stay fit and healthy.  I completely lost my healthy eating and workout routine after my month in Greece and Turkey was followed by a friend in town visiting for 2 weeks.  When traveling it is harder to say no the the baklava and wake up at 6am for a run.
Now that I am settling back into a routine and schedule, I have no excuse, it is time to get back on track!

Looking for a little health and fitness motivation?
Check out my “inspiration” list:

Kelly Rowland is hot hot hot! This Song is sure to make you run fast on the treadmill.
I have to be honest, Rihanna’s S&M really gets me moving too!

NIKE WOMEN Training Video, it gets better, watch to the end

Sarah Jenks, friend and owner of Breathtaking Brides teaches the importance of feeling feminine and beautiful in our skin
Sarah says spend 15 minutes a day in your underwear and heels!  It is such a buzz!  You can even be on a conference call, and no one will know ;o)

While you are hanging out in panties and heels, turn on Chris Brown if this doesn’t make you dance in panties, nothing will

Are you a New Mom!?  Check out Baby Bootcamps.  YOu can enjoy getting back in shape in the outdoors with other new moms, plus your baby gets to come along for some fresh air. Kathleen runs an amazing workout in SF Dolores Park.

My Pinterest inspiring pictures and words. Also check out Uyen Dee’s inspiration board

It’s all about Portion Control 

Whole Living is a great website full of wonderful resources and articles.  You can read up on everything from fitness, green living, recipes, and career and finance tips

Really, you can DO IT!

Start with a healthy Breakfast

If you are not sure how to make changes on Your Plate, start here

This TRX video

I started a 2 week guest pass at Crunch Fitness today.
Sometimes you need someone else there to kick your ass!

Bed side reads are Women, Food and God and Poser, My Life in 23 Yoga Poses

21 day Meditation Challenge. I am on day 3 and already feel like a new born baby


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