More than just clogs and bikes… it’s Holland!

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    Holland is full of Turks- who would’ve thought!?
    I recently spent a few weeks in Holland where I was very well aquatinted with what seemed like every Turkish person in town.  
    Turkish people are so welcoming and inviting, and really make any guest feel at home.
    I do love Holland for more than the friendly Turks they have to offer though…
    I love how the entire country rides their bicycles, which is good for your health, the enviornment and your wallet.  
    What else? Everyone has style, the architecture is beautiful (and to Western standards, ancient), the streets are cobble stone, the air is cold but the people are warm, on a Monday night you’re bound to find a cafe open til 2am, the food is fresh and the portion sizes just right, the streets are clean and the public transportation system is fantastic.
    Sounds tempting to move right?

    Someday I will write about Dutch recipes, but for today we’re sticking to Turkish Delights!
    Muruvvet’s Sarmas and Lentil Soup recipes
    More pictures of Holland:
    Beautiful town of Utrecht

    House on a river that runs all the way from the Swiss Alps
    My favorite Turk walking through town
    Complimentary cookies with our cafe
    CHEESE stand at the out door market
    3 pieces for 5 euro!
    French Fries with Mayo, onions and Peanut Butter- 
    don’t ask- gross I know!
    Fried Food Machines

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