Marinated Feta and Roasted Asparagus on Crostini

    Oh my gosh, talk about a party in my mouth! This was inspired by the pound of asparagus lingering in my fridge and my latest obsession with marinated feta.  Well, not to mention, I had an hour to think about what to have for breakfast as I was waiting for my car tire to be patched (I’m always driving over nails!)
    Oh I just thought of something great! How delicious would a poached egg be on top? So the order would be: toast, asparagus, egg, crumbled feta.
    Ah, I cant wait to try it! can’t it be tomorrow morning already!?

    Ok, this may look time consuming but it is sooooo simple.  I literally cooked everything at the same time on one pan.

    Marinated Feta (recipe)
    3-4 Spears of asparagus per crostini
    Olive Oil
    1 Garlic Minced

    For the crostini, cut your baguette at a major bias to really get a nice big surface
    Preheat Broiler
    Toss the asparagus in oil and garlic
    Drizzle the sliced baguette with a tad oil and rub with garlic
    Place asparagus and bread slices on a cookie sheet
    Broil for 3 minutes (set a timer!)
    Take out and toss the asparagus a bit, turn the crostini and drizzle with a tad more oil
    Return to the oven and broil for 3 more minutes (timer)

    *oh, if your marinated cheese has been in the fridge like mine, place it in the oven to warm up (in an oven proof dish).  The oven will be warn because your broiler is pumpin!

    Spread the Feta over your Crostini
    Top with a few pieces of asparagus
    Drizzle with balsamic (I like the really thick, super aged kind)
    Sprinkle with parmesan
    Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper

    Good Mornin!

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