How to Host a Brunch (and still Sleep In and go for a Run)!

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    The key to hosting a stress free brunch is serving dishes that can be prepared the night before.
    Friends were asked to arrive at 9 and we had planned to take off for 3 mile run by 9:30.
    This gave us just the right amount of time to throw things in the oven before heading out, and 30 minutes later be greeted by the welcoming aromas coming from the kitchen as we run through the front door.

    Looking to release some happy endorphins?
    Lace up your sneaker and hit the outdoors with a pal… check out our Sunday rout

    The Menu:
    Homemade Granola and Berry Parfait (Recipe)
    Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding (Recipe)
    Savory Spinach and Ricotta Bread Pudding (Recipe)
    Fresh Chopped Mediterranean Salad (Recipe)
    Mimosas and Coffee

    Orangina, Prosecco and Fresh Strawberries
    I didn’t have one, but judging by the empty bottles, I think they were a hit

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