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    Side Braid and Bun for a Wedding

    Last night was a very special night.  One of my best friends, Kaity, got hitched!
    I’m so fortunate to have a really tight group of girlfriends.   There’s actually about 15 of us chicas who make up our special group, and to add to the special-ness we have all known each other since elementary school or middle school!
    Anyway, Kaity is the first one of us to get married, making this all the more special and memorable.

    This is so simple that even I can do it.  I am not very girly when it comes to hair and makeup and actually kind of clueless.  My mom taught me many things, but how to french braid was not one of them.  If you know how to braid, this will probably be easy for you, if not, just do what I did and make it look messy on purpose.  Think Anthropologie BHLDN

    How to get the look:
    Part your hair on the side
    Pull forward a section of hair you want to braid
    Clip back the rest of your hair to keep out of the way
    Begin braiding the front section, adding in more pieces and you go
    Secure the end behind your ear with a bobby pin
    Make a side pony tale
    Secure a messy bun with little clips like these shown below
    Attack with hairspray

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