Hola from the East Cape: Baja Beach Camping

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    “The great transformation of nature into the culture we call food” Michael Pollan

    and here you have it, Logan fishing for breakfast

    Currently reading Michael Pollan’s most recent book, “Cooked” where he speaks of the importance earth, air, fire and water have had on humans and the development of modern civilization.

    And this weekend while camping I too felt like I had gone back to the pre “modern civilization” days.  Aside form a lighter and pillows, we were cavemanin’ it!  It may come as a surprise, but I actually feel most comfortable and in “my element” when down, dirty and roughin’ it in the outdoors.  What beats camping on a beach, no one else for miles, fishing, story telling around the campfire, no phone service, waking up to the sunrise over the ocean and going for a 5am swim!

    The menu was made from EVERYTHING gathered from Logan’s family’s farm, HERE, even the tequila.  Oh my gosh I have died and gone to heaven!  Extra virgin olive oil was the only bought ingredient.  RECIPES HERE

    Supper Simple Supper on the Beach

    Blended Papaya Margaritas 

    Kale Chips

    Gazpacho Served in Bell Pepper Bowls

    (tomatoes, cucumbers and green bells, lime)

    Campfire Clay Pot Veggies

    (Beets, Carrots and Shallots)

    Campfire Berry Cobbler

    (Blackberry Lime with Coconut Crumble)

    Are we there yet?

    Setting up camp under an abandoned palapa

    relaxing in a hammock at a near by palapa



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