Bread Sticks with Fabrizio

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    About 40 minutes outside of Milan lives my friend Fabrizio.  Apparently, he is a famous chef in the region – how exciting.  We met last summer in San Francisco through a mutual friend, Daniella.

    Anyway, I promised him I would stop by his restaurant the next time I was in Milan… donna della sua parola…

    Daniella’s and my intentions were to help him in the kitchen and learn a few tricks… but to our pleasent surprise he insisted that we sit and enjoy a 3 course lunch – all ingredients locally sourced from within 20 miles!!!!

    It was just Fabrizio, Daniella and me in his restaurant, enjoying lunch and broken conversation (Fabrizio does not speak a work of English!) while his sister and momma cooked and served for us!

    After 3 hours, 2 bottles of wine, more gluten and pork than I’ve eaten in the past 5 years (seriously!) we slowly wobbled into the kitchen to learn how to make these amazing bread sticks.


    1 kilo flour

    200 grams extra virgin olive oil

    25 grams of salt

    25 grams of lievito

    500 grams of water



    let rise

    roll out into cornmeal

    bake at 300 for 20 minutes and then at 200 for 10

    (I think! This was about 2 weeks ago – I should have written it down)

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