Delectable, nutritionally balanced meals are whipped up in small batches with what’s available at the farmers market and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Studies show that eating just one vegan meal
a day improves your health and longevity.

Menu changes weekly based off of what’s available at the Farmer’s Market.
I go to the market and personally hand pick every piece of produce!

This service is ideal for the health-savvy person or family on the go!

Stock your fridge with nutrient dense meals for the week.

Skip the shopping, chopping and cleaning!

Meal Delivery also makes the perfect gift! Do you have a
friend or relative who is super busy or has just had a baby?



Each delivery includes:

3 meals and 3 extras

Each meal includes a plant based protein such as legumes, nuts, seeds or hodo soy. A grain or starch such as sprouted wild rice, sweet potatoes or coconut tortillas. And heeps of locally grown vegetables. Oh and don’t forget the thing that keeps clients coming back for more: the decadent sauces, dips and dressings!



Example of 3 extras:

Matcha paleo porridge with strawberrries (grain free, nut free)

Matcha coconut bites (grain free, nut free)

Black bean brownies (grain free, nut free)