Healthy Cooking Lessons

Whether you’re a busy mamma sita or a Miss Independent working hard for the money, you don’t have to sacrifice healthy, home-cooked meals in the name of your full schedule! After our Cooking Lesson together you will  how to strut into your kitchen & whip up that sit-down dinner in minutes.

Now you’ve mastered your kitchen, new gadgets, and stocked your pantry with the healthy essentials, it’s time to put your newfound skills to use!

In my hands-on, interactive classes, I’ll teach you all the best kept cooking tricks & secrets that save time, money, and (ahem) your waistline. Don’t ever let the “I’m too busy” excuse keep you from eating the way you & your family deserve.

Learn how simple it can be to make delectable dinners for 2 to 6 people in minutes. Wow yourself, impress your honey & your friends, and serve scrumptious, nutritious meals even the pickiest kids will savor!

5 in 5

Prepare 5 dinners that will be on the table in 5 minutes

What’s Included:

  • For the busy mom, the newlyweds, or the woman on the go without 30 minutes to spare, the 5 in 5 is designed to make your life easier!
  • Learn how to pull together a week’s worth of dinners with under 20 basic ingredients. In just 3 hours, I’ll help you master the art of pre-preparing food for the entire week. That way, dinner is as easy as toss, bake, dress, done! Every time.
  • Say goodbye to being a slave to your kitchen, and hello to fabulous foodie freedom!

You’ll get:

  • a customized menu with a week’s worth of recipes
  • a grocery list tailored specifically to your lifestyle and preferences
  • a 3 hour, hands-on cooking class with me (in your own kitchen!)
  • supper-serving skills that will last a lifetime!


Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

What’s Included:

BLD is offered in two options:

1) Miss Busy Bee: Learn to prepare basic, healthy, no-hassle meals you can prepare and tweak easily.

2) Miss Fancy Pants: For elegant dining lovers – learn how to whip up a scrumptious Sunday brunch, a luxurious lunch in the office, and an elegant dinner party

You’ll get:

  • a customized menu full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • a grocery list tailored specifically to your lifestyle and preferences
  • a 3 hour, hands-on cooking class with me (in your own kitchen!)
  • answers to all your questions. Learn how to work with what you’ve got! Take those fancy spices you’ve never touched, or those dried lentils and make something special and simple.
  • supper-serving skills that will last a lifetime!

Healthy, Kid-Friendly Meals

Cooking for kids

What’s Included:

  • Getting the kiddos to eat healthy and try new foods can be a challenge. But I can teach you simple tricks and techniques that will turn your picky ‘pasta – no sauce’ eaters into mini gourmets-in-training!
  • The best family bonding happens around the dinner table. So come & learn the easy ways to make mealtime a happier, tastier experience for the little ones and you.

You’ll get:

  • Recipe ideas personalized to your family’s likes/dislikes
  • a 3 hour, one-on-one cooking lesson with me
  • a laundry list of ideas to make food fun: sculpted veggies (broccoli mini trees, cherry tire swings, melon basketballs, cauliflower snow trees), nutrient-packed dips, smiley face fruits, & cookie cutter breads, just to name a few.
  • learn how to sneak in greens everywhere; from dips to desserts
  • help your kids get involved in the cooking and dinner planning. They’ll be expert corn shuckers and egg crackers in no time!
  • clever ways to reinvent meals: think stacking ingredients (chicken veggie towers), using fun shapes (pasta), skew-it (tomato mozzarella), make it mini (burgers and tacos), and add color (blueberries, sweet potatoes)


Serving Supper for Few

What’s Included:

Never know what to cook when it comes to small servings? When it’s just you, or two, do you always make way too much – or way too little? Quick, casual meals don’t have to be tasteless and boring! Learn how to shop for and cook yummy, wholesome servings that won’t go to waste. I’ll even teach you how to use your leftovers.

You’ll get:

  • a customized menu of recipes
  • a grocery list tailored specifically to your lifestyle
  • a 3 hour, one-on-one cooking class with me
  • the skills to cook delicious meals without all the prep time and wasted leftovers.