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    Health & Fitness

    Alongside my work as a health chef, I’m also a personal trainer & fitness instructor. (What can I say – I’m 100% committed to helping you feel and look your best!)

    Science has proven that working out and spending time in the fresh air improves your health, energy levels, and releases thousands of happy endorphins! So I’ve created a collection of easy, fabulously fun fitness offerings to help you get on your way to glowing health ASAP.

    Let’s get you feeling and looking your best – inside and out.

    Health Bomb Box

    What it includes:

    We’ll kick off with a high-power, 30-minute phone consultation. On this one-on-one call, we’ll discuss every aspect of your fitness goals – from the number you want to see on that scale to the routines you love (and hate) the most. Within the week, we’ll meet up and get to sweatin’!

    Along with your personal training session, you’ll also receive a fully customized Health Bomb Box, a treasure trove of menus, tips & tasty treats to put you on the fast track to feeling fantastic!

    What’s In Your Bomb Box:

    • a series of workouts tailored perfectly to you, complete with easy-to-follow instructions
    • health tips to get you to your goals faster
    • customized menus & recipes designed to fit your lifestyle
    • scrumptious, health-boosting edible goodies to treat your body & your pallete right
    • a 30-minute pre-workout phone intensive with yours truly

    Booty Blast

    Need a workout buddy, or a spotter who will push you to your limits?

    I combine Pilates, Barre and TRX exercises to give you the best possible customized workout for your body type & fitness goals. After a 30 minute phone consultation we’ll meet for our first 1 hour session.

    Booty Blast packages:

    • 5 workout sessions: one-on-one. $800 in your home // $600 in the Studio
    • 5 workout sessions: you and a friend $1000 in your home // $800 in the Studio

    Gettin’ Sweaty Outdoors

    Let’s hit the park, the stairs, the beach trails, the rock-climbing wall, and the trampoline!

    Whether you’re looking to spend more time in the great outdoors, fit in a more enjoyable workout, or just looking for someone to kick your butt & push you to the next level – you’re in the right place.

    From leisurely walks to high intensity workouts, I’m here to help you get moving and healthy!

    What it includes:

    • a 30 minute phone consultation with me
    • a fully customized game plan.
    • 2 hour workouts include: hiking and jogging or rooftop pilates, barre and TRX

    Gettin’ Sweaty Packages:

    • 2 workout sessions (each 2 hrs): one-on-one. $800
    • 2 workout sessions (each 2 hrs): you and a friend $1000
    • One Group Adventure– I’ll pack the picnic and wine! $150 a person 5-10 people

    All Services Include:

    • 30 Minute Phone Consultation
    • Customized workout and Health Tips
    • 3 Follow Up Calls for 2 months after your transformation – cause we all need a little extra support and motivation
    • Continual support and Access to resources, services and my network

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