Buttenut Squash & Bulger

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Butternut squash is fantastic this time of year. Not only is it full of vitamins and minerals but it’s tasty and beautiful too. Walnuts, browned butter and sage go nicely with butternut squash too! I then decided to go with bulger as my grain to pull it all together- yum yum!

Slicing butternut squash, peeling it and seeding it can me tedious and exhausting, therefore many grocery stores sell butternut squash pre chopped- this is what I used
I decided to layer this dish- purely for esthetics. But, this dish tastes delightful anyway you serve it.
Also, i was making this dish vegan but feta would go well with this if you’d like to add a chesse
3 cups of chopped Butternut squash
1/2 an onion sliced
1 cup of uncooked Bulger
i couple Tablespoons of butter- I used Earth Balance
A few fresh sage leaves
A handful of roughly chopped walnuts
Preheat 400
Roast butternut squash with the onion in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper- about 30 minutes depending on size of pieces.

Meanwhile Cook the bulger in a pot of water according to directions. Bulger/water ratio is 2 to 1. Takes only about 15 minutes to cook.
Chop a few leaves of sage.
Brown the butter in a pan and add the sage leaves. Cook until they become soft- 3 minutes.
Combine all the ingredients, add a little S&P and enjoy!

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Thank you for this phenomenal recipe….I love when simple recipes combine to make something great. I’m planning to sub in pecans for the walnuts and parsley for the sage because that’s what I have on hand, then serving it with baked fish and sautéed rainbow chard. Thanks again!

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