Wellness Weekend on a Farm in West Marin.

May 30th 
Relax, Retreat, Replenish 
Join Claudine and a small intimate group for a night on a farm in West Marin
Wellness Weekend in West Marin Includes:

  • Naturally Nourishing Meals (cooked by me!)
  • One night stay in a modern, comfortable home
  • Green Smoothies and Local Wine!
  • Morning Mat Movement
  • 15min Massage
  • Lesson on natural cooking (take home recipe cards)
  • Walk on the farm with the animals (cutest goats ever here)
  • Cheese, eggs and vegetables from the farm
  • Picnic at Dillon Beach

Do you want and weekend of:

  • Relaxing and resting (no cleaning and washing dishes)
  • Outdoors and nature (wake up to birds, not kids or cars)
  • Zero obligations or commitments
  • Technology detox (the email can wait)
  • Healthy and delicious meals cooked and served to you
  •  Walks on the farm and beach
  • New recipes to add to your repertoire
  • A quick getaway just 1.5hrs outside of SF