Point Reyes, Tomales Bay and Lunch at Nick’s Cove

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I just had the most lovely Saturday afternoon with my mom.

We left San Francisco around 11 am and headed north about 50 miles up highway 1.
Rain, shine, dusk or dawn, this drive never fails to leave me breathless.
My FAVorite part of the drive was seeing all the big beautiful black cows up against the bright green rolling hills. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them

It happened to be a very stormy and cloudy day, but I think that the thick white clouds made the hills and view all the more beautiful, and somewhat magical looking.

Pacific Ocean

I need to learn to like oysters!

We enjoyed lunch at Nick’s Cove, right on the water

View From or Table at Nick’s Cove
We treated ourselves to all the fried food our hearts desired- hey, every once in awhile it’s ok, right?!

My Mom and I are suckers for fried calamari. Anywhere we go, if it’s on the menu, it’s going to end up on our table.
We were not huge fans of the calamari here, unfortunately.

Crab Louie
And while we’re at it, Fried Fish and Chips, Please

Bon Appetit Momma
A view and me…
My Mom talking about Facebook, how she doesn’t understand it, and the”millions” of suggested friends she gets (who are friends of mine from elementary school)
A little rain wont ruin our parade

To put into perspective… Point Reyes is the purple and Tomales Bay is at northern tip
My Favorite Cheese comes from here: Point Reyes Blue

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