Pairing Bites with Bubblies in Baja!

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So excited to share with you a few appetizers (vegetarian and gluten free whootwhoot) that I paired with bubblies at the GastroVinos Food and Wine festival this weekend.


Pairing 4 appetizers with 4 bubblies from the Freixenet de Mexico vineyard.

First of all, absolutely LOVING the sun, sand, salty water, surfing, not shaving my legs in 2 weeks, dirty hair and chipped nail polish :) I could get used to this for sure! Never thought it’d be possible, but was actually sick of chips and salsa by day 3 and am seriously considering changing my name to Ceviche and Spice!

Anyway, to the important stuff… I was so honored when my best friend since childhood, Mac asked me to come down to Todos Santos as a guest chef and pair a few appetizers with a local Mexican winemaker of Guadalupe Valley at his annual wine festival. I fell in love with Baja wine 3 years ago when Mac and I toured the wine valley in Ensenada for a week, so being able to work with the wine makers and vineyard owners again has been such a wonderful experience.  I was faced with a few bumps in the road though: Pairing food with bubblies is something I’m not familiar with.  Had no idea what produce would be in season and local here.  I don’t speak spanish or know how to drive a manual car.  Where exactly would I be cooking food for 50 people.  However, to my pleasant surprise, it all turned out fine, people like the food, and I didn’t crash the rental car! phew

The Menu and Wine Pairings:

(all ingredients were grown locally)

Nona’s Sevilla Green Gazpacho with Lime and Cilantro Gremolata and Crispy Tortilla (pictured) with Gran Resserva

Mamma’s Italian Sun Marinated Tomatoes and Basil Bruschetta with Rose

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Avocado Creme on a Rice Round with Chardonnay

Stewed Strawberries and Vanilla Chia Pudding with Semi Seco

Representing Californian Cuisine and my passion for healthy, clean, vegetarian food in Mexico has been such a wonderful experience.  Thank you Mac!


A few other Baja highlights:

Sun and Sushi at El Ganzo Hotel 4th story infinity pool and a Beautiful Room

Party at El Ganzo Hotel…we were the only 3 gringos :)

Dinner at Flora Farms where everything in our drinks and on our plates were either grown, raised or produces on the farm!
La Bodega de Todos Santos Mac’s wine shop
 Friday Night’s dinner was delicious 4 course meal at Hotel California paired with wonderful artisan wines of Cava Maciel
from left to right: Wine makerchef and event creator (and mamma bear)

4 courses paired with wine.  second course was duck…cooked perfectly

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