Meet Claudine

Ciao! I’m Claudine, thanks for dropping by!

A couple things about moi…

Guilty Pleasure:
Apple Fritter at 3am

My therapy:
Running outside. Wining and dining with the people I love. Bubble Baths

I feel most centered when:
Roughin’ it and in nature

One day I dream to:
Sail, wait no, yacht around the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas

If I could master one thing:
Green Thumb. Potted plants die in a week under my watch

What would people be surprised to learn about me:
I’ve traveled Europe 14 times in the past 10 years… and still want more :)

My #1 style tip:
Black and pearls. You can’t go wrong.

My #1 home decor tip:
Fresh flowers and natural light.

My #1 Health tip:
The most beautiful woman in the room is the happiest woman in the room. Enjoy LIFE…it keeps you looking healthy and glowing. And of course eat foods from the earth, not from a factory, and sweat daily. (ok, that was 3 tips!)





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