Meatless Monday and a Mountain Run

…and why you”re not invited.  Monday trail runs in China Camp are where some of my best business ideas are generated; my mind is clear and there’s not a soul to be seen or an industrial sounds to be heard.  I mean, if this doesn’t inspire creativity and clarity what the hell would?  It’s what I also call “trail-therapy” and a time when things on my mind are identified, processed, labeled and stowed away.  Not  only are there wonderful mental and emotional benefits to being outdoors, but when we’re connected with nature and our body, specifically during physical activity, we release endorphins creating the “happy” feelings.  Added bonus, your skin “glows” (foods for the glow here)

2 Miles to the top…  Eye spy 3 bridges and SF

Now that you’ve been trail blazing, it’s time to nourish and replenish your body. My favorite post workout snack(vegetarian and gluten free):

Banana, Almond Butter, Chia Seeds and Hemp Hearts

While down in Todos Santos, Baja this summer I was enjoying this snack every morning post run with banana’s from Logan’s orchard.  Look at them hanging over the creek!

A few shots from my run in  Paradise!


CLICK HERE Todos Santos Farm Animals

Trail run, or really just the road…

Passing a farm

5 minutes later, arrived

nope, no one on the beach

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