Coming at you from Baja – live what you love!

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Living Deliciously Mantra:
Live Life Doing What You Love
Life is too short to not love what you do… and everything in your life.
Love the people in your life.  Love your authentic self.  Love the food that nurtures your soul.  Love your body.  Love your higher being.  Love your freedom to choose.  Love your capabilities.  Love your imperfections. Love your hobbies.  Love the little things that make you happy.
What I love? I live for travel, adventure, being the foreigner, getting lost and making memories with the people I love.  Plus food & wine, of course.
These next 2 weeks will be full of my loves.
Let’s be real though.  Leaving SF for 2 weeks and “stepping away” (at a very exciting time in S&S’s life) has not been easy for me.  Allowing myself to “clock-out”  is something I’ve always struggled with.  I mean, I can’t even enjoy a movie at home without painting my nails, organizing the living room bookshelf, puttering and responding to a few emails (who wants a movie date with me? ha).
Relaxing has never been a forte of mine.
I think this is calling for another mantra…
Allowing work and play to live together, happily and without resentment and anxiety for one another.
These next couple of weeks will be a challenge for sure..
I see this as a perfect opportunity to practice balance.
Countless times I’ve chosen to stay home on a Saturday to create seasonal menus rather than join my friends for a night out.   Or write content, proposals and plan events on a Sunday instead of watching the Super Bowl.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I’m passionate about S&S and I’m so grateful to have found a career that brings me so much enjoyment and pleasure.
What’s more important in life?  Creating memories with friends on a Saturday night?  Or creating menus for an event on a Saturday night?
Itinerary: Guest Chef at Gastro Vino Wine Festival.  Pt on by my dear friend (since middle school) Mac.
Surf Camp with Mario for 3 days
Dinner and Dancing at Flora Farms
A night at Hotel el Ganzo 
In my carry on: grapefruit, chia seeds, reads, eye mask :)

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