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Meatless Mondays

{Roasted butternut squash, chickpeas, tahini dressing and toasted walnuts.  Sweet potato black bean southwest burger.  Roasted Brussels French lentils feta salad.  Spaghetti squash roasted broccoli rabe and almond basil pesto}

Exciting biz news… In March I started cooking vegetarian and gluten free meals for a client here in SF.  I am really enjoying creating and cooking 5 new seasonal recipes every week!  And more so, this is the way I eat too (plant based gluten free) so cooking this type of food is much more enjoyable for me than meaty, saucy, porky, fatty heavy food.  You know that heavy slush feeling you get after eating pasta and burgers?  Well with my cooking, you’re left feeling energized and perfectly satisfied :)

A few of my favorite vegetarian bloggers are Kimberly Snyder, My New Roots and Whole Living.

{sweet potato and lentil stew.  Japanese Salad with carrot ginger dressing.  Shaved Brussels salad, blood orange pomegranate and pistachio citrus dressing. Cornmeal crust pizza, herb chèvre and roasted zucchini}

Beginning in June I will be expanding (commercial kitchen whootwhoot) and offering my Weekly Veg/Gluten Free menu to the public.  Shoot me an email if you want to get on the weekly mailing list…and get ready to have health delivered to your door




3 Days of Satisfying Smoothies!

Benefits of Juicing: More energy (because body isn’t wasting energy digesting heavy foods).  Jump start metabolism.  Sleep Better. Detox your system from toxins and heavy processed foods.   These are NOT simply fruit and veggie smoothies… I ADD almond butter, chia seeds, acai berry, green tea, coconut milk and hemp protein powder (plant based full protein) for extra protein, omegas, vitamins and minerals.

ONCE A MONTH I offer a 3 Day Delicious Smoothie Cleanse.  Shoot me an email to find out more on this month’s dates and menu!

Not to worry, you are getting plenty of calories, enough to still workout and stay active.  You won’t even feel hungry or deprived at all.  Some of my clients don’t even finish their  juices in the day.  You will learn to start paying more attention and listening to your body.  Are you really hungry?  Or are you only eating because you are bored and the food is there or because other people around you are eating?

Need more reasons why juicing is so great?  Check out Kimberly Snyder HERE… I agree with almost everything she has to say…



Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger – Breakfast (have with chia seeds- citrus needs fat to be absorbed by body)

Banana, Almond Butter and Spinach – Post Workout (potassium, healthy fats, salt and protein)

Berry Antioxidant – Lunch (with green tea and Acia berry)

Strawberry Coconut –  Afternoon Pick Me-Up (powered with electrolytes to keep you energized)

Avocado Pear with Lime and Mint – Happy Hour (tastes like a cocktail yum)

Green Goddess –  (spinach, romaine, green apple, cucumber, parsley, lemon. Need the C from lemons to absorb plant based iron in the greens)

I like this Hemp Protein brand and these Chia Seeds are great for on the run.



Sliced Seedy Bread

At my parent’s house with nothing on the agenda for the afternoon, an  avocado on the counter I’d been admiring for a day and a nutty/bready consistency sounding very comforting.  The result was a loaf worth sharing…for having had thrown literally every grain, seed and nut they had into a bowl, this turned out surprisingly well.

I would have liked for it to have sliced better and not crumbled so much…I’ll keep working on perfecting this…I think another egg would have done the trick.  Bonus: gluten free and packed with vitamins, omegas (from chia seeds and flax) and full protein (quinoa and grain + seed + nuts! here)


Mix Dry:

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup ground flax seeds

1/2 cup sun flower seeds

1/4 cup sun flower seeds

1 cup Gluten Free Flour

1/4 cup Brown Rice Flower

1/4 cup quinoa flakes

1/4 cup quinoa crisps

1.5 t baking soda

1 t good salt

separately mix wet ingredients:

4 eggs

1 T sweetener (maple, honey, sugar)

1 T apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup walnut oil

MIx wet and dry ingredients together.  Grease a loaf pan and bake at 350 for 30 minutes

I had leftover rosemary butter I made on Thanksgiving and dolloped it on top before baking.


So what do you eat??

Is the question I get all the time, accompanied by the look of whaaaat the heeeeeck, when I tell people what it is I do not eat.

And my response is “Everything from the eaaaaaarth!”

What it is I do not eat:  Gluten, Soy, Sugar, Processed/Packaged Foods (which usually contain all of those ingredients), pigs and animals raised inhumanly on factory farms.

What I do eat:  Absolutely every single fruit and vegetable I love.  There isn’t one I don’t like.  Actually, I’m not a big truffle fan.  I think I must have had too much truffle oil on a hot summer day and now the smell gives me the willies.  Well, maybe not the willies, but I’m just like, “eeeeh no thanks”.  Love all gluten free grains: millet, rices, quinoa, cornmeal, amaranth, buckwheat.  Now just imagine all of the amazing combinations we can make with these ingredients woohoo yummy!

I know cutting out packaged/processed foods may seem intimidating or overwhelming at first, but just take a look at what I ate today – you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be! Living a whole, clean, earth based life is delicious, healthy and easy!  Bonus: everything I ate today can be prepped on Sunday and stored/enjoyed for about 5 days.  I’m telling you, I don’t even get out a knife or cutting board during the week – all veggies, fruit and grains can be prepared ahead of time.  Because honestly, who really has the time to spend making BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) every day?!  Try starting off with these 20 staples to help get you on your way to whole livin’!

Breakfast: Cut fruit.  Lately I’ve been enjoying grapefruit, kiwi and pineapple.  ChiaChatta is a chia seed pudding that tastes like horchata.  It’s so simple to make and can be made in a big batch on Sunday and enjoyed until Friday.  Combine 1/4 cup chia seeds, 1/4 cup oats 1.5 cups almond milk, vanilla extract, almond extract, cinnamon.  Mix well and store in a glass container.  Read here all the amazing benefit of chia seeds. You should start enjoying them daily!

Lunch: I usually like to stick to a salad with plant based protein during the day (check out veg/protein combinations here).  On Sunday I always prepare a grain (this week brown and black rice) and throw in a vegetable towards the end of cooking (this week edamame).  Also, cabbage is soooooooo good for you and stays fresh for awhile.  It’s just a real winner.  So, a big bowl of cabbage with a few spoon fulls of rice and edamame.  Then I was feeing a little Asian inspired and added avocado, black sesame seeds, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil.  Done.  2 minutes tops! Packs well for work too.

Snack: The perfect combination of fat, carbs, protein and sugar are medjool dates filled with almond butter.  They pack well, can be made in advance (do I need to keep mentioning that?) and are sooooo delicious.  I actually can not walk down the bulk aisle and not put my hand in the date bin and take one. I seriously begin salivating as I approach them.  So awkward getting caught mid bite, ek!  Hard boiled eggs also make a great snack on the go.  Don’t eat them in meetings though, please.  They may be the most disturbing food to watch people eat – eeeh – actually deviled eggs are worse.  I think my mom is the only person who still brings them to every occasion and holiday party.

Dinner: Usually a cooked vegetable and animal protein.  Today I just cooked some green beans I had on hand in a little coconut oil  (make coco oil your new cooking staple – it has so many health benefits), added a little of that already made rice and edamame, throw a fried egg on top and viola! So yummy and again, only 2 minutes.  Another way to reheat the rice and cook fish at the same time – check this recipe out and while you’re there read up on how Eating Healthy is Easy and Cheap!

Start small you guys.  Maybe try just one new vegetable a week.  Or replacing that roll with your salad with a whole grain, like rice.

I also start every morning off with a shot of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (aaaah painful) and end my day with Natural Calm, A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement.

Dr Weil’s Food Pyramid.  I replace the tofu with red wine.  You gotta get your antioxidants, right!?

Oatmeal is also a great way to start off your morning.  I assembled these for my friend who’s a nurse and would buy oatmeal every day at work.  She was spending $3 every morning, plus the oatmeal she was buying was packed with sugar, preservatives and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.  I spent $20 on ingredients at TJ’s and assembled 20 baggies-to-go (a waste of plastic, I know, sorry).  Plus, they were way healthier because I added chia seeds and cinnamon (so many health benefits) and no sugar or preservatives were added.  10 minutes on Sunday will save you money, time waiting in line and your waistline!


Happy Day 4… To A New You!

Today was a whorl wind and it’s only getting windier… I just got home from my client’s house at 9pm having to write this post (scratch that) wanting to write this post and my camera is acting up… Anyway, today was a perfect example of the inspiration for todays topic…

How to have healthy food in your fridge all the time, that you only have to prep on Sunday, or whatever day works for you.  Making it super easy for you to just grab and reheat a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner.
So, I had 3 hours between coming home from teaching classes at the gym and going to Marin to cook for clients in their home, to create, cook and photograph the 3 meals.

Not to mention I’m on 4 hours of sleep!  That Italian meetup happy hour I went to last night was a blast!  After 3 hours and 3 glasses of wine my Italian was flowin like a native and I ended up at an Italian restaurant in North Beach with 8 bello Italian men :) So far I’m  LOVIN meetup!

Crustless Quiche

Here’s an example of something you can make on Sunday and they will keep 4 days in the fridge.
The Combination possibilities are endless.  My mom taught me how to make these crustless quiches, and she would make them in muffin tins.
Broccoli and eggs go really well together.  I did spinach and tomatoes because that’s what’s on hand.
So, chop up your veggies and place them in the dishes.  Beat eggs and pour it over veggies.  Bake and you now have crustless quiches all week long.
It takes 5 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to bake at 350.

Roast Acorn Squash Stuffed with Qunioa and Beans and Sprinkled with Toasted Walnuts

I love stuffing vegetables.  Acorn squash, eggplant and portobellos are my favorite.
They freeze really well and reheat really wonderfully.
I chose the acorn squash because they are amazing just by themselves.
Rice and chickpeas make a great combo, along with the pesto kale (that you’ve already made) and chopped nuts on top.
It is just as easy to make 1 acorn squash as it is to make 4 halves.  So why not just make 4. Why not make 12 crustless quiches.  It’s just as easy and it saves you time during the week.
They pack great and reheat really well at work.  Super filling and satisfying too.

Black Bean, Sweet Potato and Spinach Patties

These are A-mazing, I’m going to tute my own horn for a second here.  I made up the recipe and they are freakin fabulous.  So moist inside ad they have that crunch on the outside because I put them in gluten free bread crumbs before pan frying them and baking them.
So, really easy… black bean, steamed spinach and sweet potatoes and you already have your whole grain in the fridge. Cumin, grama masala and a little cayanne for a kick and some fresh squeezed lime.  Add 2 eggs, mix it all together and voila!
And now you have 8 patties.
Place on the slaw that you already have ready to go in the fridge.  Mix with a little lime juice too.
Cabbage does not get enough good credit.  It actually provides tons of Vitamin K and C, B6, folate and magnesium….just to name a few.  You can read up here.
Top with Tahini Sauce.  Typically Tahini sauce is made with lemon and water, but we’re using limes because we squeezed in the limes in the patties and slaw.  Plus sesame seeds.
So again, we are pairing the sweet potato in the burger with the sesame tahini because that’s the vitamin A and zinc combination that is really powerful for your body.

So there you have it.  Todays 3 meals that can be made on Sunday.  I know we’re al busy and we don’t want to be cooking for 3 hours every day, so just cook for 3 hours on Sunday.  And you know what, hey, you might have the same lunch all week, but that’s fine :) that’s how you stay healthy.  And then you switch it up the next week.

Happy Day 3… To A New You!

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Yeah!Today’s will be fast…I have that Italian Meetup! happy hour at Bubble Lounge in an hour!

Again, today’s tip was inspired by the turn of events in my day.
Like many of you, I pack my day with meetings, appointments, lunches with friends, gym classes, laundry (mine’s in the mat down the street now!) work emails, etc. and often don’t have time to pack a healthy lunch or plan a healthy meal for when I get home.
Tip #1
Healthy Eating is Easy and Cheap!

Today’s menu is super simple and fast!
Breakfast was thrown in a jar in 1 minute and taken out the door.
Lunch was picked up at Walgreens, if you can believe it or not.
Dinner was salmon, grain and veggies all baked in the same dish.
Granola in a Jar
Time: 60 seconds  Cost:  > $1
I recommend making homemade granola because store bought can be packed with fat and sugar :(
This batch I made with cinnamon and raisins and flax seed so it tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies.
The combination possibilities are endless!
(here’s a recipe)
I love this link to great oatmeal combinations! (here)
Time: 5 minutes   Cost: > $5
4 hours after breakfast I’m leaving my appointment, famished, in the middle of the financial district.
I hopped into a Walgreens and picked up:
Chobani 2% Plain Yogurt: Calcium and Protein Packed
Banana: Healthy Sugars and Carbs for instant energy
I was 2 blocks from my mom’s office…I surprised her with a visit and chomped away on my delicious lunch while we caught up for a bit.
Afternoon with mom:
Time: 30 minutes  Cost: Priceless!
Lara Bar
3 ingredients- I LOVE it
On my hike back up to Russian Hill I stopped at my favorite corner grocery store,  Le Beau for ingredients for dinner.
Salmon and Veggies over Grains and cooked in White Wine
The Kale Pesto on the salmon and the grains I made on Sunday, making this all the more simple to throw together in minutes.
Time: Assembly 5 minutes, Bake 20.  Cost: $6
This is my favorite way to cook dinner when I don’t feel like spending much hands on time.
You can also get creative with the ingredients.  If you have asparagus, use that.  Halibut, why not?  Fresh herbs and lemons zest, bring it!
You can also adjust the portions very easily!
Oil the pan.  Add you already made grain.
Place salmon fillets and veggies over your grain
Spread kale Pesto on salmon
Drizzle veggies and the grain around the salmon with white wine
cover tightly with foil
Bake at 375 for 20 minutes!
Ok off to meet some Italianiiii! Wish me Luck!

Happy Day 2… To A New You!

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Welcome to day 2!
How do you feel?  I already know of some friends who have cut out refined sugar or alcohol or tried yoga for the first time today… Great Job you guys!
Well, my “no refined sugar” for a week goal didn’t go as planned…
I reached for a bowl of complimentary chocolates at a store this afternoon with out even realizing it!
Ooooops! But it’s ok, shit happens like we learned yesterday.  Tomorrow I will try harder.
Have you come up with a goal yet?  Don’t forget to write it down!

Todays menu is so pure and cleansing…you will love it!
And today’s healthy living tip is even better!

Tip #1
Live in the Present and be Happy with Today!
I feel like this advice could not come at a more perfect moment.  During the New Year I always become a bit, well, day dreamy.  And I’m sure you do too.  The New Year is a time for reflection.  It’s a time when we often find ourselves thinking about our past and wishing for the perfect future.  I know we’re all guilty of it.
Well, how about we LIVE TODAY!
Be happy knowing that someone loves you, Today!  Love your body, Today!  Be grateful that you have a job, Today!  Know that 50% of the world’s population did not have access to a computer, Today {I just made that up…but it sounds good :) }!  And know that you were given an opportunity to be great, Today!
I loose sight of living in the moment too! Every so often I dream about my past when I lived in Milan, Italy.  And, to no surprise, it’s usually around a time like the New Year when I begin to day dream.  I so badly wish to go back and live my Italian life again.  Soaking up the Italian culture, speaking a beautiful language, riding my bike down the cobble stone streets, meeting my amazing Milanese friends for lunch on a weekday where pasta and wine are enjoyed for hours, grocery shopping at the (CHEAP) street markets daily and serving cocktails at a bar which is smack in the middle of Corso Como (the fashion street… where models and professional soccer players were my bar’s cliental).
Clearly I am not living in Milan anymore (at least, for Today I am not).
On a stroll through Crissy Fields Sunday I explained my dilemma to Sarah and she simple said to me, “why don’t you bring your Italian life to SF”
Brilliant! Why hadn’t I thought of that!?
So that’s what I did today.  I know what it is about Italy makes me happy and I brought that here today.

You can do the same.  If you know that sweating and working out makes you happy… lace up your sneakers.  If you know that eating crap makes you feel like crap… give your Christmas cookies to the hungry man on the corner.  If you know that your current job is not where you’d like to see yourself in 2013, apply for many other jobs.  

The Power of choice and happiness is in your hands, everyday!

How I brought Italian life to me today:
I got dressed super fashionable (yes, just to go to a kid’s park and hang with a 2 year old).  You do not see Italian women wearing workout clothes… lulu lemon is for the gym, that’s it!
I Enjoyed a long lunch, outdoors, with sparkling water.
Afternoon bike ride on my adorable beach cruise (with a basket) that just looking at bring me back to Europe!
Enjoyed an afternoon glass of wine at Lashfully where I got beautified (because Italian women definitely put time into their appearance)
I joined an Italian group on Meetup! and am meeting for Happy Hour tomorrow!
And lastly, I am feeling so happy today, in this very moment , even though I’m not in Italy :)
What can you do to appreciate today!?

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational TED talks: 

Do What You Love (no excuses!) (here): Why Are We Happy (here): 7 Rules For making More Happiness (here)

Now For the Menu:


Quinoa and Black Rice (you’ve already have it made in the fridge) avocado. 

I cooked the egg with a little sesame oil and sprinkled black sesame seeds on top (SO great for digestion!)


I met Kate and Milo at the Park and packed a picnic in this adorable carrier I picked up in Chang Mai, Thailand

Miso Cabbage salad
Mix cabbage and carrots with rice wine vinegar, miso paste and coconut sugar (1 T of each)

Ginger Lime Shrimp
Always keep frozen Shrimp on hand (defrost in running cool water)
Toss with Olive oil, lime zest and grated ginger
Broil for 2 minutes on each side

Soy-Honey Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Slice Sweet potatoes and roast at 400 for 10 minutes on each side
Mix equal pasts soy sauce and honey, drizzle over

Slice Grapefruit and Kiwi

Sprinkle with raw coconut


Sweet Potato and Kale with Tahini Honey Sauce 

bake sweet potato.  Steam kale and mix with a bit of your grain.

Mix 1 T tahini with 1 t honey and 1 t water

I have been trying to refrain from boring you with the nutritional benefits of each meal… but this you should know:

Sweet Potatoes are packed with vitamin A.  But your body needs zinc in order to distribute the A through out your body.  Sesame seeds (tahini) are packed with zinc.  Therefore, this makes a perfect A + zinc combo :)

At the park with Kate and Milo

Milo and Me

Proof that happiness can be as simple as an empty box


Eat Your Way Clean!

Ok, backing up to the basics…
I have been getting some feedback in regards to the menu I posted on, Day 1 To a New You.
My apologies for not helping you properly stock your fridge/pantry for the week…

It is so simple to eat clean  All you have to do is stock your kitchen with these 20 ingredients…most I’m sure you already have on hand.  Everything I listed below I chose for a specific reason.  Every ingredient serves an important roll in cleansing your body and supporting your digestive system.


Think EARTH!
If it came from the earth, you are free to indulge!

The Fruits and Veggies that we will be seeing a lot this week:
Cabbage and Carrots (buy already shredded to save you time)
Sweet Potatoes and yams
Apples, Bananas, Pears, Mangos, berries, Citrus fruits (really any fruit)
Squash (already peeled and chopped saves you a workout- it’s a toughie to peel)
Dark Leafy Greens (spinach, kale, bok choy)
Asparagus and Broccoli

Whole Plain Yogurt
Shrimp and Fish (specifically salmon)
Miso Paste

Black Rice
Coconut (in extra virgin oil form too for cooking)
Black Sesame Seeds
Sesame Oil
Dry Roasted Nuts
Fresh Herbs


Make a Quinoa and Black Rice Combo
(cook separately, combine, can keep in the fridge all week! You’ll be having this all week)
Cut lemons, fruit and veggies to help save you time and keep you inclined to eat them.
Buy Pre Shredded carrots and cabbage.  We will be eating a lot of these this week because the are so powerful in aiding with digestions.
Make Green Power Sauce:  This will be used on salmon, in salads, as a marinade and on soup… it delivers healthy fats from nuts, tons of vitamins and minerals, not to mention great flavor.
Green Power Sauce: Blend a kale, walnuts, miso and a little oil until smooth!

Steamed green beans, yes please.  Green bean casserole, sure, once a year on Thanksgiving.


Happy Day 1… To A New YOU!

Hello There!
So… today did not start off exactly the way I expected.  But that’s ok, bumps in the road are part of life.
Today’s bump was the inspiration behind my first healthy living tip…

Tip #1
Shit happens, don’t beat yourself up, move on.

My alarm was set to go off at 6am to teach classes at the gym.
Well, somehow my alarm never went off.  I still don’t know why.
Anyway, I woke by the sun shinning into my room at 8am feeling complete anxious and terrible for all people who got out of bed this morning and made there way to the gym.
So, shit happens.  It doesn’t mean I do not feel TERRIBLE for all my friends I stood up at the gym, it just means that I can’t let this mistake ruin my day.
I wrote everyone at the gym an apology letter. I have grown so close with a lot of my clients and felt terrible knowing that I ruined some of their mornings.
At 9 I went for a 5 mile run in Crissy Fields to clear my mind.
On the way home I stopped at Cole Hardware (my favorite place) to buy a backup alarm clock!
And Then I reminded myself:

Tip #2:
Make a realistic goal for the week.
Mine is to not have any refined sugar.  I don’t keep treats and packaged foods in my home, so that should be easy around here.  The goal will be to say “no thank you” when I’m out and the dessert menu comes :)
Some goal ideas for you:
Get your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day
Only drink filtered water and tea (ok, fine, ONE cup of coffee)
Eat at the table with all media and distractions turned off.
Everyday do something caring for your body: bubble bath, deep breathing exercises, an after dinner stroll, give and receive hand massages.
Try something new everyday like yoga or Thai food
Write it down and…

Menu Day One:

Avocado, 1/2 cup black rice and quinoa, lemon juice.
2 glasses of water
1 can of wild Alaskan salmon (yes, canned :) I’m in my 20’s, on a budget, living in an expensive city)
Mixed with 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, cabbage, carrots, 1/2 cup black rice and quinoa, seaweed and rice wine vinegar.  YUM
I steamed and pureed butternut squash into a soup (easy peasy)
Kale Pesto: In a blender combine kale, walnuts, miso paste, and olive oil, lemon.
Homemade croutons with gluten free bread
Tips on how to make healthy eating choices:
Think whole!  Look at the ingredients, if there are ingredients that you can not pronounce you probably shouldn’t be putting it into your body, right?
Bring your own lunch to work.
This week have a batch of whole grains in the fridge that you cn throw into dishes.
Try cooking 1/2 cup black rice in one pot and 1 cup quinoa in another pot.  Combine the 2 like I did above.  It keeps up to a week in the fridge.
Check out my list of pantry essentials.